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Unfortunately cancer was the number one cause of death by disease in children according to the Texas Department of State Health Services. Childhood cancer is a reality for many families. I have seen so many posts in the local mom...
After two dreadful years of quarantines, isolation, sadness, anxiety, and death, we have seen an uptick in adolescents who have died by suicide, made suicide attempts, and outcries. The residual affects of the pandemic are here to stay. Checking on...
Go ahead and appoint yourself as your child's manager/PR/spokesperson. He or she need the press, but just don't know it.
Moving can be stressful and overwhelming. So why did we decide we were going to put our children (and ourselves) through that? 
You have to give yourself grace through this journey. You will make a mistake and you will have amazing days.
Women sit and laugh over lunch.

Changing Mom Friends

There are no feelings of guilt (or anger) if we forget to respond to a text for a few days or haven't spoken in weeks. We are just happy to see each other when we finally can make our schedules work.
Release the expectations you put on yourself or others put on you to be the "perfect" parent.

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