Moms celebrate making it to back to school season in 2020.

Hey There Mom, You Did It!

I'm not celebrating us strolling in with flat abs and well-rounded kids. I'm not counting success as everyone made it to September better off or in better health. I'm celebrating the wonderful fact that we made it. You made it to today. That matters.
What gains did we learn and receive from the pandemic of 2020?

What Gains Did 2020 Bring?

We can all walk out of 2020 with a fresh perspective on life in general, our habits, our norms, our relationships, and our priorities. This year is an opportunity to rethink everything.
Moms can be the example for raising biracial children to prevent racism

Raising Biracial Children

It's up to us to raise our kids not to tolerate prejudice and to teach them that blending cultures and races is amazing and normal. The only way for us to do that is to be the example. We have to show our kids and support the beauty of a blended family. 
I contacted the moms interviewed for the May piece to find out what decisions they made for fall schooling. Did their questions get answered? Did their ideas and choices evolve over the summer?
Children who have anxiety and are scared ay lash out in anger.

Addressing Childhood Anxiety

Ever get that nagging, uneasy feeling something was wrong? You can't quite put your finger on it, but it is there. It's unsettling, isn't it? Anxiety is a very real thing that doesn't always arrive at the most convenient...
There will come a time when my daughter is pulled over by the police and yours is in the passenger side. I'll need your child to know that mine doesn't have the luxury of arguing with the police, her hands need to be seen at all times, and when she goes to reach for her ID or insurance card, she has to let the officer know her next moves.
Let’s not crush the fragile plants. Let’s not devalue those that don’t flower but have other purposes. Let’s not look down on those who bloom late. Let’s not dislike those who have more needs. Let’s not look past those who offer the most simple and basic things yet aren’t made to be especially "fancy" or unique.

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Guide to Preschools & Parents’ Day Out

What’s the No. 1 question we are asked? What preschools do you recommend? Moms want to know the options, where others send their kids, and what educational philosophy those schools abide by.
Fort Worth has several great tea shops.

Tea Time, Anyone?

Use a meal delivery service.

Meal Delivery Simplified