Supper at the Table

One supper at a time, I'm combating today's drive-thru rush! rush! rush! culture in my own little family. Growing up, we ate supper around the kitchen table nearly every night of the week. We were frequently rushing out to baseball...
My husband and I have been lucky. We have gone over 3.5 years without a single, major nightmare incident. In fact, the only middle-of-the-night interventions we've ever needed since dropping nighttime feedings have been limited to plopping in a...

Permission to Make a Mess

I was perched in a tree on a 2x4, 8 feet off the ground, taking in the cotton candy skies over the farm -- they might as well have been the horizon of the Tuscan coast. But in the snapshot...
Here at Fort Worth Moms Blog, we are passionate not only about moms but also the families behind them. We are thrilled to have husbands and fathers share their own stories. It was late in the morning on June...
I recently had a friend and former co-worker announce that she was planning to stay home. Her announcement brought me back to a very raw place in my life about 4 months ago, when I was delivering the same...

Taming the Control Monster

When I was in college, Friends was at the height of its popularity. Every Thursday night, my roommates and I would watch Friends and there was this one scene where Monica washed all of the cars on her street because they were...

Being a Blogger

I first started my personal blog back in 2007, right as my husband and I were in the process of purchasing our first home. Many of my friends were starting blogs and encouraged me to jump on the bandwagon....

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