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The Great Dog Debate

Lately the hubby and I have been at odds with our boys, okay mainly our oldest, but nonetheless, we have been having some major head butting. Four little words have been driving us nuts for months. Wanna know what...
We've been having food fights as of late. I'm not talking about the fun kind where everyone freely throws food, laughs together and has a blast. I'm talking about the kind where everyone leaves the dinner table feeling defeated, sad...

Daddy Diaries :: Footsteps

As men, we compete. It’s in our nature. Whether in sports, board games, or a career, we’re always trying to get ahead and win. We want to be the best, we want to succeed. But when our focus is...

Supper at the Table

One supper at a time, I'm combating today's drive-thru rush! rush! rush! culture in my own little family. Growing up, we ate supper around the kitchen table nearly every night of the week. We were frequently rushing out to baseball...
My husband and I have been lucky. We have gone over 3.5 years without a single, major nightmare incident. In fact, the only middle-of-the-night interventions we've ever needed since dropping nighttime feedings have been limited to plopping in a...

Permission to Make a Mess

I was perched in a tree on a 2x4, 8 feet off the ground, taking in the cotton candy skies over the farm -- they might as well have been the horizon of the Tuscan coast. But in the snapshot...
Here at Fort Worth Moms Blog, we are passionate not only about moms but also the families behind them. We are thrilled to have husbands and fathers share their own stories. It was late in the morning on June...

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