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How many hours did I spend pushing my own babies in the late afternoon sun as we waited for him to come home from work? Now those same late afternoons are taken up by homework and practices. I blinked and life has changed. I breathe in deeply and prepare myself to go back inside and tidy up. There is always plenty to keep me busy. Then again, maybe I'll spend just a little more time out here and reflect. I smile. There's life in that house.
I wasn't the girl who dreamed about her wedding, a knight-in-shining-armor, or some sort of white-picket-fence domesticity. Most of the time I was more absorbed in hanging out with my friends, building forts, creating and writing columns for fake newspapers, or catching tiny frogs and lightning bugs in jars. But I do remember consistently thinking I wanted to marry someone like my dad. 
As his partner looking on, I've noticed more emotional and mental fatigue with, of course, the physical fatigue piling up. There's something impactful about double gloving and gowning up and double masks and PAPRs and face shields and treating patients with only support measures . . . day after day.
I think about my mom a lot in May. Mother's Day, of course, but May is also Brain Tumor Awareness Month. My mom passed away from a brain tumor before I became a mom or even got married, and,...
As a busy mom who manages a full household schedule week in and week out, one of the simple pleasures in life is receiving a personalized letter in the mail. Amid all the junk mail, catalogs, and bills that...
Everyone says it takes a village to raise a child. My village is filled with people I never asked for. Doctors. Therapists. Nurses. Durable Medical Equipment reps. Nursing supervisors. Schedulers. Pharmacists. Dieticians. Respiratory therapists. Orthotists. Surgeons. Mobility equipment reps. Insurance case managers. 
Momming today can be so challenging. Wouldn't it be nice to have a chat over a glass of wine (or pitcher of sangria), laugh, hear the words "girl, me too," and realize you are FOR REAL not alone.

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