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I’ve found the key to saving your sanity and your marriage during this process is to talk about it regularly at a previously agreed upon time. Yes, I’m talking about a meeting. I know it sounds painful, but I promise it's not that bad. If you do the budgeting process as a team, you will be committed to the outcome. And you’ll grow closer together, too.
The next time I feel the urge to post on Instagram, I solemnly swear NOT to move my children to the only clean corner of house for the sake of a Pinterest-worthy backdrop. I'll catch the moment right in the heart of the disassembled couch covered in dog hair.
Moral of the story? Let's celebrate each other . . . let's tell our gal pals why we appreciate them and need them!
It makes sense for my husband to stay home with our kids. He is in school full-time and does freelance work from home, while I have a steady 8-5 gig. We wanted our girls to be at home the majority...
Dear Son, You are one of the friendliest kids I know. When we are in public, you smile and announce, "Hello!" to strangers. Every child you meet is a new friend. Sometimes, you even yell, "Bye, friends!" when we leave...
We can be our genuine selves with one another: silly, serious, and everything in between. Whether it is the daily grind or dreaming of all the things we would like to do in the next 15 years, we enjoy doing life together.
We are teaching our daughter that we trust her, that we understand she is maturing, and that some lessons she needs to figure out on her own. But no matter what happens with this relationship or future relationships, we will be there for her every step of the way.

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