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I feel like sometimes we get caught in the trap of having to have a "girl's night" complete with lots of calories, gabbing and high heels. While that is all well and good, and let's face it sometimes absolutely...
During our 11 years of marriage, my husband and I have tackled almost all of the acronyms out there: DINKs (dual-income, no-kids); WOHM/SAHD (working outside the home mom, stay-at-home dad); WOHM/WAHD (working mom, work-at-home dad with kids in school);...

Date Nights on a Dime

I don't know about you, but, for my husband and me, date nights, especially Valentine's Day, was one of those things that changed once we had kids. Not only did we have less time to go out and celebrate, but...
Just because you have acquired the names Mom and Dad doesn't mean sex has to turn into a boring chore to check off your to-do list. While it is totally normal for relationships to fall into ruts and for sex to become . . . ahem . . . a bit mundane, there are plenty of ways to heat things up again!
I am beyond grateful my girls will have a loving relationship with their father, and that I did all that I could to make sure I chose someone who I knew would care for them fiercely, but I can also be sad and upset that I missed out on something so beautiful as well, and that's okay. 

My Husband Rocks!

In April, my husband and I will hit the point where we've been together for more years than of our lives, than we've been apart. We've been together for almost 17 years, married for almost 12 of those. We've...
make up, vitamins

In Defense of the MLMer

However, as the months went by and I became more and more immersed in the network marketing culture, I realized how wrong my prior assumptions were. Network marketing may not be for you, but perhaps I can help clear some things up so you don't make the wrong assumptions I did. 

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