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Don’t get me wrong -- I love my children and relish the opportunity to spend our summers together. But filling their buckets is going to be difficult when my bucket is bone dry. And that’s why I have decided to create a summer bucket list for myself, full of those things that feed my soul in a way that makes it possible for me to be the best version of myself.
Quick, it's date night. What are you going to do? A nice dinner at a restaurant where you won't see any children (or at least not your own)? A movie? Often, date ideas don't go far past those two tried-and-true options. I mean, they're classic for a reason. But as much as I love a dinner I get to eat while it's hot and a movie that doesn't involve Dory or Poppy, I prefer to indulge in more active date options.
I needed space. Maybe I wanted to see other social media. I never said we were exclusive, and Facebook was always making me feel bad about my existence and humanity as a whole. I needed to find myself. It’s not you, Mark. It’s me.
We were not meant to work through motherhood alone. Keeping friends after motherhood helps keep me sane. We talk about anything and everything: married life, single life, divorced life, anything that is going on with myself and my kids. My friends provide me with a reassurance as well as realization that I am not alone in this journey. 
Babysitting is expensive, y'all. I don't know about you, but we live on a pretty tight budget, and factoring in an extra $50 for a babysitter puts a huge damper on our date nights. As in, if we had...

Girls Night Made Easy

"We need a girls night!" You've heard it a million times from your friends, haven't you? Most likely when you run into them during a hurried trip to the grocery store or in the form of Facebook comments. Time with our girlfriends...
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What Is Love?

Appropriately coined, “The Love Chapter,” one of the most well known and oft-quoted Bible passages is 1 Corinthians 13. Many a bride and groom stand wide-eyed and clammy-palmed in front of God and everyone else as the pastor reads...

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