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It all started with a simple poll of my friends via social media. I was genuinely curious. Most of my friends are moms, and I knew they would have good ideas. So I asked my question: What do you really want for Valentine's Day? The responses I got were so unexpected, I expanded my poll to other online groups. I had to know if other women felt the same. The answers I got were eerily similar to the first ones. Mama after mama echoed the same thing, as if they had previously agreed to vote alike for the sake of solidarity. Many of these women were strangers, though, connected by nothing more than social media groups, but they were saying the same thing. I'd like to be alone.
Possibly you’ve never worried about leaving your spouse alone with your kids, or alone period. I am sure that most of you do not spend every day wondering if today will be fine, or if he’ll fall off the wagon again. And if he does, what might happen?
Secondary infertility is defined as the inability to become pregnant, or to carry a pregnancy to term, after having one or more biological children without the support of fertility medications.
Of course, I want my kids, AND MYSELF, to be kind to everyone, but at some point we should also take responsibility for the ways we can help others want to include us. Here’s some of the big issues I’ve noticed that I am trying to help my kiddos work on so that others are more open to including them.
It makes sense for my husband to stay home with our kids. He is in school full-time and does freelance work from home, while I have a steady 8-5 gig. We wanted our girls to be at home the majority...
As far as Grandparent's Day goes this year, my family is celebrating a little differently. We will continue to connect with my grandparents in ways that have worked for us during the pandemic.  Not only have these ideas encouraged and helped pass the time for my grandparents, but also have helped my children. 
I’ve found the key to saving your sanity and your marriage during this process is to talk about it regularly at a previously agreed upon time. Yes, I’m talking about a meeting. I know it sounds painful, but I promise it's not that bad. If you do the budgeting process as a team, you will be committed to the outcome. And you’ll grow closer together, too.

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