Every summer VBS is a milestone, a stopping point for dozens of kids and families in North Texas. After receiving numerous requests for VBS info, we compiled this free guide to help parents choose the best -- and maybe two or three more -- VBS experiences for their kiddos.
Right here at Fort Worth Moms we are doing the same scramble to figure out schedules and work responsibilities while simultaneously prepping for kids being out of school and away from extracurricular events for numerous days. We scoured our archives for resources and ideas to help you (and us too) navigate these uncharted waters. 
From sports and music lessons to art studios, horseback riding, and theater, this guide has something for everyone!
It was opening day for my boys.  Not the majors, or even little league. Just recreational baseball through the city. But it was still opening day, and they were excited.  It had been more than a year since they had played...
Here I am, friends, a proud Mediocre Mom, bringing you my Mediocre Mom Summer Bucket List. Remember: There are no rules, there is no shopping list, and you can cross as many or as few things off the list as you want (because, let's be real, sometimes Mediocre Moms forget to look at the Bucket List until the last week of the summer).
Raise your hand if you are constantly looking for ways to tire your active children so that you might get about two hours (if lucky) of down time a day. ::raises both hands:: Lately I've been in such a rut of...
With more than 45 camp activities, Camp Olympia campers will gain independence and build lasting relationships with fellow campers during a one-, two-, or three-week stay at the nationally recognized camp.

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