Packs With Purpose aims to give each child a backpack filled with necessities to both alleviate a foster parent's mad dash to the closest 24-hour store when their new foster child shows up with nothing, but first and foremost to let each child know that someone, somewhere, cares about them and wants them to be well taken care of. No child should believe that their possessions belong in a trash bag.
In 2016, Kids in the Kitchen reached 1,300 children and hopes to raise that number to 1,500 this year. All right, dear readers, here is where the rubber meets the road: Do you care about nutrition, especially in the lives of Fort Worth children? Is this a non-profit that ignites a passion? If you answer, YES, then keep reading. You CAN help in REAL ways.
Looking around, one can't deny the fact that we live in a broken world. Fortunately, there are individuals and organizations that have heart for the matters that are the root of struggle in many people's lives. One such organization...
What happens when children are hurt and abused by their caregivers, the people they are supposed to be able to trust most in this world? Where can families turn for support and guidance when their child has been harmed in...
This is the day. A fabulous opportunity to give has arrived. The eighth annual North Texas Giving Day is taking place today, September 22, 2016! What is this, you ask? North Texas Giving Day is a chance for people...
In 1915, a group of women from churches of various denominations banded together to help the growing number of destitute women in the Fort Worth area. In 1930, this group would change its focus to helping and caring for...
After experiencing the devastating effects of her 14-year-old son Michael's death in 1984, Peggy Bohme, co-founder of The WARM Place, reached out to her nine-year-old daughter's pediatrician in search of a place where Meghan could grapple with her own feelings...

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