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Road Trip, Spring Style

Is anyone else itching to get out and explore nature, to soak up the sunshine, drink some ice tea, and maybe paddle down a clear river counting fish as they jump? Oooo, sounds nice! Can I go now? For as...
This month, we are taking a short road trip and spending a few nights at a hotel in Houston. Packing for my littles ones is something that never fails to overwhelm me; so I am creating a universal packing...
The ocean stretches out for miles and miles in front of me, so expansive that I can still see it when I close my eyes. I finish the chapter in my book and fold the corner down so that...
We've been road trippin' with kids for four years. And I'll never ever forget the first time we packed up our Chevy Trailblazer for our first post-kid adventure. We were living in Arkansas at the time, and we decided to...
We had our first child in 2010, and then promptly flew all over the country with her for my husband's job. We quickly became air-travel pros. We knew the whole routine: Stand needlessly in line to prove your infant is...
Dryer is going. Come on. Hurry. I need my skinny jeans for my trip. My bag is almost packed, kids are running around the house playing indoor tag, a conference call is supposed to start in 10 minutes, second cup of...

Do You Disney?

I've been thinking a little about the movie, Frozen. Ok, I'm lying, I've been thinking about it a LOT. The first time I saw it, I was bawling my eyes out the minute Anna started singing, "Do you wanna build...

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