The awareness towards postpartum depression and anxiety in the past years are huge steps in the right direction, but if you are a first-time mother, healing and mental health might not be in the forefront of your baby preparations. Here are just a few tid-bits of advice from a mama who has been there.
Honestly, it doesn't matter how you journal -- but as a daughter who very much appreciates the journals her mom kept, I encourage you to keep a record of your life somehow. I've been amazed at some of the things I've learned about my mom and the influence she had in how I parent my kiddos everyday.
My 50th birthday is a milestone that comes with reflection, especially after this last year of global pause. My gift to you on this prestigious occasion are these 50 lessons I’ve learned in my 50 years.
Here I am with three children who are well past the baby phase, and yet I have not gotten a single night of good night of rest in the last six years. (Insert loud sobs.)
Every responsibility we take on (and go above and beyond for) takes something away from us. We are constantly pouring into others. But we all know you can't pour from an empty cup.
The bereaved is consoled to think that one day she may glance over at her daughters to find her sacrifice -- of time, energy, and mental and physical self -- has paid out in the blossoming of strong, driven young women. Until that day, the loss feels as endless as the diaper changes.
I had many people who were there to support me and offer their help, but when it came to friends my age who also had kids? Well, there just weren't any. I knew that my friendships would change because I was newly married, and now I was adding a baby to the already changing dynamic. There were lessons that would come with being the first mom among my friends, but I had yet to see what they were.

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