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I will always want to be with you. I will still find ways to sneak away with you on on quiet afternoons, relishing whatever moments we can steal together.
The awareness towards postpartum depression and anxiety in the past years are huge steps in the right direction, but if you are a first-time mother, healing and mental health might not be in the forefront of your baby preparations. Here are just a few tid-bits of advice from a mama who has been there.
Nothing was happening beyond showering and sunscreen, and I needed something to jump-start my desire to invest in myself. There was always something more urgent with three young kids than taking care of aesthetics, but I knew I could find 15 minutes once every three months.    
I've given a lot to my sewing hobby over the years, the last two in particular, and it's given me so much more in return.
Honestly, it doesn't matter how you journal -- but as a daughter who very much appreciates the journals her mom kept, I encourage you to keep a record of your life somehow. I've been amazed at some of the things I've learned about my mom and the influence she had in how I parent my kiddos everyday.
I can despise being an emptying nester and being in this unchartered territory, spoken about only in hushed whispers, or I can stake my claim in this season and relish all the moments that led to this and every tiny win I experience here.
You can’t hate the way you look while telling the child who looks like you that he or she is beautiful.

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