You can’t hate the way you look while telling the child who looks like you that he or she is beautiful.
Hillary is a friend and a Fort Worth Moms team member; she is the Neighbor Group leader for Fertility Discussion with Tarrant Area Moms. Hillary is also an ovarian cancer surivior.
The bereaved is consoled to think that one day she may glance over at her daughters to find her sacrifice -- of time, energy, and mental and physical self -- has paid out in the blossoming of strong, driven young women. Until that day, the loss feels as endless as the diaper changes.
I was presented with what I thought was going to be the best decision ever. It was a long interview process -- almost three weeks. In that time I kept contemplating how happy I would be if I got the job and how proud of myself I would be. 
Eventually you will transition from mommy to mom, and when you do, you'll want to make sure you still know who you are beyond that title.
Most days, I don't regret having my tubes tied -- but today, I do. 
First, put your name in a large, clean font at the top of the page. This is very eye catching and looks appealing and sophisticated, like you are ready to take on anything thrown at you.

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