Who doesn’t love getting a letter in the mail? Set a reminder on your phone to sit down the week before Galentine’s and write a few notes to your best gal pals.
Connecting with other moms is important.

The Importance of Connecting

Sometimes motherhood is lonely. We are caught up in work, making lunches, setting appointments, and driving our kids everywhere that when we finally have time to ourselves, we just want to sleep.
the importance of hobbies in motherhood

Why Moms Need Hobbies

Maybe you loved to color or paint (get an adult coloring book!), or maybe you loved being outside in the dirt (start a garden!), or maybe you loved to help your parent cook (cook!). A quick reflection on childhood can yield a lot of ideas.
Laser hair removal can make mamas feel confident.

Lasering In on Hair Removal

But it is more than just an annoyance. When it comes to body hair, to each his own, but for me this has always been an issue of self-consciousness.
Do the hard work of personal growth and learn how deal with toxic people in a healthy, mature way. 
Nothing was happening beyond showering and sunscreen, and I needed something to jump-start my desire to invest in myself. There was always something more urgent with three young kids than taking care of aesthetics, but I knew I could find 15 minutes once every three months.    
Good Girlfriends

My Good Girlfriends

Having that solid group of girlfriends is what makes womanhood so special. As I moved into another facet of womanhood, motherhood, I was so happy that I had created a village of girlfriends who could walk with me through this new journey.

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