North Texas Community Service Ideas for Ages 11 and Up

Older kids are able to be independent with little-to-no guidance during community service projects. The kids at this age know what they are passionate about and are able to take that passion and apply it to serving others. 

Teens can give back to their community by volunteering.One of my favorite serving activities to do is make sack lunches for the local shelter. We make turkey sandwiches with chips, fruit, and a dessert, and we put it in a sack lunch for the residents.

We also make a dinner for shelter residents and serve it at the shelter once a month. The kids love to participate in these activities, because they have the chance to love on other people who are going through hard times.

Here are some other activities that ages 11 and up can do in their communities:

  • Make and serve dinner at a life shelter.
  • Serve at local missions.
  • Serve at food drives.
  • Plan and coordinate a fundraiser for a special cause.
  • Volunteer at a pet shelter.
  • Make a blanket for cancer patients.
  • Help a neighbor by mowing his or her lawn or help around the house.

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