App Happy…5 Preschool Apps that Rock

If your kids are anything like mine, then they are becoming masters of the iPhone and iPad at a surprising young age. My youngest is two and a half, and it’s hard for me to remember a time when he couldn’t use these things, which is crazy to me! And while these gadgets are great “occupiers” in the car, on trips, or even waiting in a restaurant, I still make sure that all this time spent on these tech items are almost always educational in nature. Say it’s the teacher in me or what have you, but I have such a hard time putting random games/apps on my iPad.  I’m not saying I never do, hello Temple Run (which my kids love), but these games are few and far between!

My kids don’t miss the games all that much…probably in part because I usually say no when they ask. Bottom line is, I want to make sure that they are actually learning something when using technology. So, while there are TONS of apps out there to choose from, today I’m sharing my Top 5 Favorite Apps for Preschoolers!

All five of these teach something of value, are colorful, are interactive, and above all else, these are five that my kids always go back to. I’d definitely say they are kid-approved!

endless alphabet1. Endless Alphabet and Endless Reader: {Alphabet=$5.99; Reader=FREE}These are two separate apps created by the same makers. They are both ADORABLE apps, definitely my favorite. Endless Alphabet is an app that uses cute monsters to teach kids their ABC’s. It features puzzles, talking letters, and animation to illustrate the definition. Endless Reader is a follow-up to Alphabet and introduces “sight words”. Each word comes alive to really help kids understand the word. Again, great apps!

Fisher price

2. Fisher Price Apps: {Free-$1.99} Our beloved toy brand has made wonderful toddler apps. They are simple to work and feature everything from learning animal sounds, shapes, numbers, and even teach storybook rhymes. These were some of my boys’ very first apps that I downloaded for them. Even babies will love these!



nick jr3. Nick Jr. Draw and Play: {$3.99} We found this app while watching Nick Jr. one day, and it quickly became a favorite. This app lets kids be artistic and creative! There’s all sorts of tools such as colors, paints, chalk, fireworks, bounce balls, animated stickers, and much more. They can save their work and/or email it to family. There are also coloring pages of all your favorite Nick Jr. characters. It really is a fun app!


download (2)4. Wheels on the Bus: {Free, with in-app purchases available} This app is a play on the classic song. There is SO much that this app can do it’s hard to list everything! To name a few there’s interactive sing-a-longs, math games, puzzles, memory games, and lots more.



mzl.hluzlycw5. Disney Creativity Studio: {Free} We recently stumbled upon this app from Disney. Disney has several great apps and this one does not disappoint. Much like the Nick Jr. app, this one pulls the creativity out of kids. There are activities such as tracing, connect the dots, and good ‘ole fashion coloring pages. All your kids’ favorite Disney characters are in the app and it’s just a really fun, creative app.


So there you have it, five, okay six, new apps that my kids and I love! I hope you have found some great new resources to put all of your technology to good use for your kiddos. And I am always on the hunt for new apps, so if you have a great one comment with it below!! Happy App Hunting!

What apps are your kids’ favorites?


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