Spanish Immersion Preschool

Jack's First Day of SchoolMy dad is full-blooded Ecuadorian and my mom is full blooded Puerto Rican. You would think I’d know how to speak Spanish. Sadly, I don’t and I don’t blame my parents. I think if you are not immersed in the language and you don’t force yourself to practice, you lose the skill. The advantage I do have is that I understand a large portion of the language, enough to feel comfortable in a Spanish-speaking environment and enough to get the gist of a conversation. I’ve always wanted to speak fluent Spanish because I think there are great advantages to it.

With Spanish-speaking on the rise in the United States and living in a state with such a dense population of Spanish-speaking individuals, I am determined to start my kids on the path to being bilingual. I think it will help them with future job employment, versatility and overall comfort of living. I remember going to Paris with Lee for our honeymoon and I felt so uncomfortable not knowing what people were saying in French. Lee said, “that’s what I feel like when we visit your family for the holidays.”

When looking for a preschool for Jack, I had many referrals from friends with all types of specialties from religious based programs to schools specializing in fine arts.  Who knew there were going to be so many options! One friend, who knew my Spanish-speaking goals, suggested I check out the Spanish Schoolhouse. I was thrilled there was even such a place! It is the real deal Spanish immersion program for preschool and kindergarten children. They also have mommy and me classes and summer programs!

When I discussed the program with my husband, he was a little hesitant because he wanted to understand what Jack was learning. I assured him they speak English if need be and have total communication with the parents on what is going on in the classroom. Sure enough, when we went to visit the school, Lee felt very comfortable with the staff and atmosphere.

We are proud to say our little boy started school! He is going twice a week from 9am-2pm and so far, he absolutely loves it. On the first day, the school even sent me a photo of him and a message saying he was doing well. I am beyond impressed with Spanish Schoolhouse and Jack is already saying things like agua for water and dame cinco for give me high five!

Jack HargraveWhat do you look for in a preschool? Do you want your child to be bilingual and have already started this education?

Isis and her husband, Lee, are owners of enduraLAB, Fort Worth’s first endurance gym and proud parents to Jack and Isla. Isis blogs about her running adventures, which coincidentally involve chasing after her 2 year old, on her blog called The Running Couple. If you don’t catch her at the gym or on the trails, she is reading books with the babe, painting her nails with bright colors or cooking up paleo meals for the fam. She is a bit of a social butterfly, so follow her on Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and join her Facebook Group - Fort Worth Moms.


  1. We started our two at Spanish Schoolhouse this week and I’m very impressed so far. The teachers greet my kids by name with enthusiasm each morning – not just their teachers but all the teachers and it’s obvious that the teachers love the kids. The director knows everything that’s going on in the classrooms and has stopped me in the hall to give specific info about their day each day so far. Our previous preschool had my son in a reading curriculum early so SS is accommodating his reading level outside of his age group, too, which is wonderful.

    Before just our second day, I asked my barely-2-year-old if she was ready for school and she responded “hola!” so they quickly make the language connection. Now we’re just hoping that FWISD has some sort of immersion option for primary school so they can continue learning after preschool. I’ve heard other districts do but haven’t done the research yet.

  2. Hello,
    I love all the positive replies. I have a 4 year old daughter that’s been learning Spanish with Dora the explorer and a little from her current daycare. She’s enthusiastic but she needs more. She will be entering prek elementary this upcoming school year. I have not been informed of any immersion of Spanish. I would love for her to socialize with Spanish speaking children. Im open to ideas, suggestions and guidance to help her become more fluent. I am determined.

    Thank you


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