Support Local Female-Owned Brands with These Creative Teachers Gifts


A gift wrapped in pink with a big pink bow.Let’s celebrate teachers, the unsung superheroes and sheroes of our children’s educations. We join parents, students, friends, family, and businesses in letting our educators know how much we appreciate them.

Although gift cards to Starbucks and Target are always “appreciated,” here are some creative gifts for teachers from female-owned businesses in the Fort Worth area that will make them feel extra special.

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Sweet Treats

Sweet treats for our teachers are always a wonderful option. Here are three local options for delicious gifts.

Mrs. Jacklyn Cerda, owner of Cerdafied Cookies, is an elementary educator turned certified baker, pun intended! She offers teacher-themed cookies for teacher appreciation week. These can also be personalized for your special teacher. Order from her Facebook page. She offers delivery for an additional fee, and porch pick up for those in southwest Fort Worth. 

Gourmet cupcakes decorated with pink frosting and sprinkles make a sweet treat for teacher appreciation week

Mallory Brooke with Glory Days Cakery makes custom cupcakes and sheet cakes for staff at several schools. This would be great to treat the entire team of teachers with a cake or cupcakes for teacher appreciation.

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Mrs. Melva Ethley, owner of On the Run Lunch and Dinner Catering delivers charcuterie boxes to schools across the metroplex for a whopping $10.00 each, plus delivery fees. If you didn’t know, teachers only get 30 minutes to eat, and much of that time is spent walking students to and from the lunch room, grading papers, catching up on emails, or even tutoring students. It’s rare that teachers get to enjoy a tasty meal, so a gourmet charcuterie box would be an exceptional option. Ordering is super simple online, just make sure you have at least 10 orders for her to come to your school.

Colorful pens in a mug are a thoughtful gift for teachersCustomized Gifts & Decor

Here is a roundup of gifts that can be customized for teachers and staff. Choose from tumblers, pens, t-shirts, and even door hangers.

We are certainly in our personalized era. Rose Hagedorn with Darling Shenanigans Designs makes customized t-shirts, water bottles, and more. Teachers loves a cup, mug, or t-shirt especially made for them. 

Mrs. April Sowder, owner of Oh Darlin’ Designs, is an art teacher and master painter. She creates custom wooden door hangers in any shape, size, and all are hand-painted by her. Message her online to order.

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Thru Ameera is another shop for parents to purchase customizable gifts for teachers. Owner and designer Sandra Canales creates custom pens, Stanley cup accessories, tumblers, t-shirts, and key chains. Something as small as a custom pen goes a long way. Teachers always need new pens. They seem to run away from their desks with no return. 
Teachers truly are superheroes. Each day, they walk into classrooms full of children with different needs, and they somehow figure out how to make sure they all learn and feel loved. They become counselors, therapists, confidants, second parents, and more. They spend money that, many times, they don’t have to supply their classrooms, buy snacks for kiddos, or even clothes and food.

The sacrifice is endless, so if anyone deserves celebration, it’s educators! 


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