The Benefits of an Online Classical Education

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Online classical education is a great option for some children.

Like Goldie Locks, sometimes it’s hard to find the right fit. Sometimes the porridge is too hot or the bed is too hard. It takes trying out a few options to know what you DON’T want until you find the perfect match. In Goldie’s case, it’s porridge, chairs, and beds. For you and your children, it may be education and schools. 

Finding the best school for your child can be challenging. Perhaps you live in a rural area and the brick-and-mortar school is too far away. Maybe private school sounds intriguing, but the price tag is out of your budget. Or traditional, in-person schooling doesn’t mesh well with your kiddo’s style of learning. Whatever the reason, many parents are opting to enroll their children in online classical education. 

Online classical education makes homeschooling a viable option for students and parents. Great Hearts Online (GHO), for example, is a tuition-free, virtual academy based on a classical liberal arts curriculum. The school, which is open to children in kindergarten through eighth grade in Texas, gives live instruction with engaging teachers in a small classroom setting.

And though it’s a liberal arts program, GHO offers a robust math and science curriculum. Plus, parents have access to professional faculty to support your family and child’s success.

Find schedule flexibility with online learning.In general, online classical education totes several perks including: 

Structured learning time with flexible afternoons. A major benefit of virtual schooling is having access to a rich, rigorous education along with the warm comforts a home. Imagine skipping the early morning battles thanks to no commute and still having time to schedule doctor appointments and work meetings in the afternoon around the offline, independent work. It’s truly the best of both worlds.

Learning outside the classroom. Great Hearts recognizes that learning happens without a screen, too! If offers Monday through Thursday synchronous classes with meaningful offline assignments. 

Support from professional faculty. Like it was mentioned earlier, online classical education doesn’t throw parents into the deep end when switching to homeschooling. Instead, a team of professional and experienced professionals are there to help parents as they walk through their homeschooling journey. 

Budget friendly. I mean, this speaks for itself. Some online education comes at a cost, but Great Hearts Online is tuition-free. 

An online liberal arts education is boasts a focus in music and art.The beauty of today’s education system is there are choices. Parents know when something isn’t a good fit for his or her child, and now there is an option that meets a child’s learning needs and a parent’s finances. 

Consider Great Hearts for your child and family, and open the door to flexility and learning opportunities. 

About Great Hearts Online :: For 20 years, Great Hearts has served students with the same clear and steadfast purpose: To cultivate the hearts and minds of students in pursuit of truth, goodness, and beauty. This purpose lives on in Great Hearts Online: Different tools but the same curriculum, culture, and heart. With Great Hearts Online, it realizes its purpose in a way that removes traditional barriers, deepens relationships with families, and strengthens its methods of holistic student formation. It values and cultivate a sense of wonder, depth of inquiry, and love of learning in all classes. 

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