The Great Educate Debate

You can barely believe it.

That teeny, tiny bundle of joy–who kept you up at night, who “trashed” your house with toddles and toys, who conquered potty training, who filled your life with indescribable joy and love–is now old enough, or nearly old enough, to claim the title of elementary school student.

So. What are you going to do about school?

educate debateYou discuss over coffee with pals. You weigh your options with your sister. You and the significant other hypothesize, visit schools, make lists, and play rock/paper/scissors. But mostly, you debate with yourself: What is the best schooling choice for this child, my child?

While the Fort Worth Moms Blog cannot answer that question for you, hopefully we can help. Each day this week, you’ll find multiple posts from moms–just like you–who’ve debated, struggled, and finally chosen the best schooling option for their families. From homeschooling and university-model education to Montessori and private schooling to public classes, these mamas will share their reasons, successes, and failures–and hopefully bring encouragement and maybe even a lightbulb moment to you. Feel free to post questions and comments as they are here to help!

Happy debating reading, y’all.


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