Video Interview with Dr. Morales :: Dual Credit, Remote Learning, and More with TCC Connect Campus

Disclaimer :: This article contains sponsored content provided by TCC Connect Campus to share information about remote learning opportunities.

Fort Worth Moms owner Emily Youree chatted with Dr. Carlos Morales, president of TCC Connect Campus (TCC), about all the MANY supports and opportunities available for remote students (moms going back to school, high school, and homeschooled students included!)

TCC is a comprehensive two-year institution dedicated to providing quality education that exceeds the expectations of the people of Tarrant County. TCC has six campuses — five physical locations and an online-only “campus.” That campus is named TCC Connect. Classes are online only and can be taken days, nights, or weekends.

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Why Is TCC Connect a Solid Option?

  • TCC Connect is perfect for homeschooled students who want to explore advanced subjects, who want to get ahead of their peers, and who want to test the waters of public education.
  • TCC Connect is also perfect for students who live in rural communities and want to explore advanced subjects or get a head start on college. 
  • TCC Connect is perfect for high school students who want to get a head start on earning college credits. Teens can take a class or two or work towards an Associate of Arts degree — 100% online.
  • TCC’s famous summer camp program College for Kids is coming to a computer near you this summer. For the first time ever, TCC Connect will offer age-appropriate online activities and events to kids in grades three through eight during the camps.
  • TCC Connect isn’t just for youngsters. Parents can earn their entire Associate of Arts degree 100% online. There is no age limit.

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