Amazon, Amazon, How Do I Love Thee?

I don’t know about you, but in my world, anything that makes life a little bit easier is something to be celebrated. And, around here, fits that bill for sure. We are avid Amazon users, and I can’t say enough about how this has helped me in a crunch and how it helps on a regular basis to worry about one less errand. I felt the only way to properly express my love toward Amazon would be in the form of a love poem. Without further ado, I give you my “Ode to Amazon.”

Ode to Amazon

The world today changes at a rapid pace.

As mothers, we just try to stay in the race.

We work, we play, we clean, we drink.

So much to do, sometimes we sink.


But enter in our shining knight,

A shortcut when end is far from sight,

An invention that turns the night to dawn,

My life-hack partner, sweet Amazon.


Amazon, oh Amazon, I love thee so.

So much, that you could never know.

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

Be prepared, it may take days.


Our love affair began way back when,

Before I was a mother hen.

But when we lived far overseas,

And holiday travel was such a tease,

Presents still got to their destination

If I could not take a Christmas vacation.

And best of all, the shipping was free

Back then if your total was five and thirty.


But you’ve evolved and grown so much,

Added things that are a special touch.

You gave me the gift of Amazon Prime,

Leaving me to wonder where it had been all that time.

Two-day shipping is always without cost.

It cuts down on trips to the store with kids getting lost.


The new, same-day shipping makes me burst into song.

I can get things so fast when my time is not long.

I use it for my classroom, for my house, for gifts, and more,

And it all gets delivered right to my door.


When there was sickness in my house for days and days,

And I didn’t want to drive in a tired haze,

I simply ordered items of which we were out.

We really needed toilet paper, without a doubt.


There are so many options that can help moms destress.

Subscribe and save makes us worry much less.

If we are down to the last diaper for our little loon,

We have assurance more will come soon.


Wish Lists help us for the endless birthday presents.

Just go, scroll, order and it’s sent.

You can even have your kids help you pick

And not worry about the cart handle they may lick.


I always clap when I see friends getting married,

And I know that with registries it’s easy to get carried

Away and pick so many different places

When there is only one that wins the races.

I’m grateful when they register with you,

So much that I may send not one gift but two.


If I’m doing research on an item,

I count on searching and finding you’ve got ’em

Because your reviews are tough to beat,

They’re easy to sort and read without leaving my seat.


Another great feature is those free returns

For when we’re not sure if that fabric may burn.

While pregnant I once ordered six pairs of gold shoes

And simply sent back those I did not choose,

All without having to walk with swollen feet

In the crazy Texas summer heat . . . .


You bring my kids joy with delivery trucks Untitled design (2)

They know the sound when one pulls up.

They run to the windows and check out the door.

“We’ve got a package Mommy! Score!”

They spend hours playing not with their toys

But hiding in boxes and popping bubbles, oh those boys!


I’ve shopped during nap time without driving around.

I’ve shopped while night nursing without a sound.

I’m constantly crossing something off my never-ending list,

And, Amazon, you rarely miss.


Amazon, you and I will together go far.

You are my lucky penny and my star.

You help keep this mommy organized and sane,

You are my sunshine through clouds and rain.

You have made endless errand-running long gone.

Thank you, thank you, my dearest Amazon.


{mic drop}

Emily H
Although born in Austin, Emily grew up on the Eastside of Fort Worth. After marrying her high school sweetheart, and following the military's whims for a few years, the lovebirds wound up back in the Fort, with their three children in tow. Currently, Emily shares her love of books and writing with both her children and her middle school students. On the weekends, you'll find her outside running local streets and trails, as well as being her kids' biggest fan at whatever sport may be in season.


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