Cover Your Girls in Style

Did you ever in a million years think that you would grow up to think about, talk about, and touch your own boobs so much? Did you picture the first few years of motherhood and think “boobs?” I didn’t. But alas, here we are. Let’s talk boobs, again.

Luckily, when it comes to the logistics of breastfeeding, we now have limitless resources available to us to both learn how to breastfeed painlessly and successfully (because it’s not really that natural — can I get an amen?). Yet we are still searching for answers for these two questions:

  1. What can I wear (that’s cute) while breastfeeding?
  2. How can I not die a slow heat related death while breastfeeding?

Moms, you’d think that after breastfeeding four babies, I could crown myself the Breastfeeding Style Guru but alas — I cannot. However, I have picked up some good tips and products along the way.

Under Your Clothes

I don’t know about you, but it’s not so much my boobs I’m worried about people seeing, as it is my stomach. So for me, I start with something to cover it.

Cami Canva

Before you freak out and yell at me, I do realize it’s summer in Texas . . . but in a few months (hopefully), it will not be summer and you and I will still be b-effing all over town, so here are my favorite layering pieces.

A. Jessica Simpson Postpartum Shaper Leggings. You guys. I bought these right before I had my twins, and patiently waited until postpartum to wear them. And people. They are fabulous.

Pros: Comfortable and tight around the midsection, they are oh so flattering for that leftover baby bump and bum. Even in summer, I sometimes still wear them around the house.

Cons: These leggings don’t really get along with the dryer, sadly. My advice (because you seriously might be tempted to LIVE in them) is to wash them at night so you won’t miss a day wearing them. Am I truly obsessed with them? Yes, yes, I am. They are also a little pricey, but like a good pair of jeans, worth it.

B. Gilligan and O’Malley Seamless Tank. While this is not TECHNICALLY a nursing tank, it’s perfect for postpartum and beyond.

Pros: It’s seamless. And if your girls have trouble fitting in shelf tanks, you’ll love this. You can easily yank down the top of this tank for easy nursing access. It’s also a great, minimizing layering piece all the time, nursing or not!

Cons: This is not exactly a stay cool option in Texas summers. But what is? Nakedness, I guess. And if support is what you want, you won’t get it here.

C. Bravado Essential Nursing Tank. While I am not in LOVE with this product, I do think it would probably be a real winner for some body types.

Pros: You really do not need a bra with this baby. It’s tight and supportive and relatively breathable. If your girls are not out of control gigantic, you can probably wear it as pictured with a cami or jacket.

Cons: It’s expensive, and if you don’t like shelf tanks, you won’t like this. If your gals are huge, you will have cleavage (so a pro if you’re a dude reading this . . . which by the way . . . um . . . girls only!)

Over Your Clothes

nursing cover ups


A. Udder Covers. This brand is my favorite (of many), simply because they are often free or discounted with the price of shipping.

Pros: Lightweight and breathable, this cover has boning around the top so you can see your baby easily. You can roll it up tightly and fit it in any purse that isn’t a clutch (but what new mom is carrying a clutch, anyway #amiright??).

Cons: Even though this cover is super lightweight, it’s still hot and cumbersome to be covered up. Also, after rolling and unrolling this sucker for 12 months with my eldest, the boning was significantly worse for the wear for kid two.

B. Infinity Scarves. Dear Infinity Scarf, how do I love thee, let me count the ways.

Pros: You don’t have to buy this at a nursing/mom store. I bought mine above at World Market for $10. It does the job, and I live in infinity scarves all the time anyway, except . . . .

Cons: I am just not one of those gals who doesn’t sweat my face off in the summer. Sayonara infinity scarf, when it’s hot. Sad face emoji.

Your Clothes

nursing shirts

Luckily, nursing attire has come a long way. Also, the style as of late, is BAGGY. So happy for us, even in the summer months, we can shove babies up our shirts to nurse OR lift a cute little flap and stay modest without covers and cami’s making us sweat.

A. Lularoe. This is a great brand I just discovered, and while not a “nursing brand,” it totally works. The tunics are super long and baggy and you can nurse modestly without revealing well . . . anything. Similarly, its maxi skirts have wide bands that can be folded up or down to ensure belly coverage while nursing.

B. Etsy shops. While we all may be sick sick sick of Motherhood Maternity and the back corner of Target, online shops abound with great options that are unique and stylish. Just a quick Etsy search and I’ll have the above shirt in my possession in a week or so for $23. Thanks ModMums!

In Conclusion

You don’t have to be gorpy (yeah I made that word up) while you are breastfeeding. You can be cool, calm, and stylish, like this mom:

Anna is wife to Matt and mom to two little ladies: Charlie and Georgia, and dog mom to the best dog ever, Attie, and the worst little Beagle ever, Toby. Besides chasing around her girls full time, Anna spends her spare time running her business, Fit4Mom SW Fort Worth. And can be found enjoying British TV, dark chocolate, and a good cup of coffee with her husband.


  1. Yeah girl!!! Great options! I’ve started tucking a long muslin blanket under my bra to cover my stomach. I’m with you, the off chance of a nip slip is a lot less worrisome than unavoidably flashing my PP tummy to everyone.


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