Five Rocking Mom-Dos in Five Minutes or Less {Tutorial}

Hey girl, are you tired of that boring ponytail? Do you need to spruce up your look, but find curling irons and wands intimidating and time-consuming? Consider this my gift to you: FIVE looks that seriously take FIVE minutes (or less). Some involve a curling iron and some bobby pins, but I promise you CAN do this! Now that I have perfected these looks, I feel confident that once my mop is dry (which takes a while), I can finish my look in about five minutes — depending on how many fights I break up and snacks I make in the process. Also, Facebook slows down the process a bit. 


  • Frizz Control. I never used to think about hair products beyond shampoo and conditioner. That is, until I started doing more to my hair than straightening it or scrunching it. (Anyone else a former “scruncher”?) Now that my look involves looser and more flexible curls, products are key. Because my hair is naturally wavy and accustomed to being curled, I use these products while my hair is still damp. To keep my hair from frizzing out of control, I don’t go a day without adding some sort of oil. I use Matrix Biolage Replenish Oil-Mist. Learn from my mistakes — it does not take much! I spray two (smaaaaaaall) spritzes into my hand and then finger it through damp hair. On days when I wake up with super funky hair, I add it to dry hair, but just one spritz instead of two. I also love Oi All In One Milk by Davines. It fights frizz, smells DI-VINE, and detangles my tangled locks. I do about five sprays on top and then three to four underneath.
  • Texture. If you have shorter hair and/or need to add texture, Davines has a great (and also delicious-smelling) sea salt spray that I loved when my hair was bobbed short. I use it now on my curly-headed three year old to give her curls extra life. It is free of sulfates and also doesn’t take much to get the job done. If you need help holding a curl, check out Davines hair spray. You would spray these after styling.
  • Dry Shampoo. This is my absolute favorite product. Anything that keeps me out of the shower more is number one in my book. After trying several, I have decided that Batiste is my ride-or-die dry shampoo. Give it about five minutes to soak in before massaging it into your scalp, and you’re golden.


  • Hair Dryer. I have been through a fair share of blow dryers. They were all too hot. One literally melted because it got too hot. Plus, using excess heat is damaging to hair. For Christmas a couple of years ago, my husband gifted me with the DryBar Buttercup Mini. You guys. This hair dryer is THE BEST! It doesn’t get hot, just warm, but it doesn’t sacrifice your time either. My hair is far less frizzy now that I use the Buttercup. And I no longer break a sweat after my bath.
  • Curling Iron. I know some people prefer wands, but I’m terrified of burning myself . . . or my hair. And my brain simply does not understand how to use a flat iron for curls. I mean, isn’t that completely counterintuitive? Instead, I use a curling iron to curl my hair. Groundbreaking, I know! I have had the same 3/4-inch Hot Tools curling iron for four and a half years, and it works just as well now as it did the day I bought it. I keep it at 380 degrees Fahrenheit because I have thick, moderately coarse hair. If you have finer hair, you will want to keep the temperature down. Check with your hair stylist about temps to be sure. 


Full disclosure: Today was actually shower day. My hair is much cleaner in these videos and pictures than normal. I usually wash my hair twice a week at night. I dry it partially before bed and style in the morning. My hair seems to hold curl better when it’s slightly dirty. 

  • Waves for Days. Using my 3/4-inch curling iron, I separate my tresses into one-inch pieces. I alternate curling away from my face and toward my face, and leaving one half-inch from the bottom out of my curling iron. After a few seconds, I unwrap my hair from the iron and pull the iron over the bottom piece. Check out the video for a visual. Continue this back and forth until you have curled 85-90 percent of your hair. Once your curls cool, gently run your fingers through to loosen them up. Remember, the goal is not perfection! 

  • Half Bun. Pull the top layer of your hair up into a half ponytail and then, while holding toward the ends, twist toward your scalp. Once you have a nice bun, begin pinning bobby pins along the bottom of the bun. I require about six pins. You may require more or less. Hold onto your bun while you pin until it feels secure.

  • Full Bun. Same idea as the half bun, but with all your hair. Obvs. 

Cover Your Grease

When all else fails, add a cute hat or headband atop your greasy head. This darling hat is from Evereve, and the headband is from Banded. I love them both, and they have saved me from many a bad hair day.

Cate hat
Cate curly hair
Cate headband
Cate half bun

Which hairstyle will you try first?

Cate is a transplant from Alabama and an alum of the greatest school in the SEC (Roll Tide). She married her college sweetheart, Rob, in the summer of 2010 and together they have two adorable Texans, Elijah (2012) and Nora (2015). When she’s not momming or mom-bossing, Cate enjoys snuggling the cutest dachshund on the planet, rapping the Hamilton soundtrack, and binging old episodes of The Office. Cate has proudly called Fort Worth home since 2011 and couldn’t imagine living anywhere else.


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