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Disclaimer :: Local plastic surgeon and regular FWMB guest contributor Dr. Emily Kirby sponsored and crafted this blog post to share her recommendations on rejuvenating and nourishing health spa and wellness procedures. 

non-surgical aesthetic treatments

When is the last time you took some quality time for yourself and did something that helped you feel like you for a little while, and not “mommy?” If the answer is “too long,” I can relate—with two kids and a busy plastic surgery practice, I know that finding “me” time is tough. But you also know that self-care is important to your emotional and physical well-being, and ultimately it helps us be better parents.

I encourage you to find that “me time,” and I have some news that may help: our brand new medical spa, Kalos, the Medical Spa at Kirby Plastic Surgery, is officially open at our new facility at The Shops at Clearfork on Edwards Ranch Road. It is a gorgeous space offering a full range of non-surgical aesthetic services with medically trained professionals.

Kalos is a place to nourish your natural radiance and feel your very best.

We designed Kalos with moms like you in mind: the private, yet convenient, location allows you to easily escape to beautiful, tranquil surroundings. You’ll enjoy a full range of non-surgical aesthetic and wellness treatments that even the busiest mom (and dad!) can fit into their schedule.

The name Kalos is a Greek term that means  “the highest form of beauty and handsomeness with purity of heart and life; moral, noble.” To us, achieving Kalos means nourishing your natural radiance, both inside and out. Our highly experienced team, including two board certified physician assistants, two of Fort Worth’s most talented licensed aestheticians, and myself, a board certified plastic surgeon, are here to help you reveal your inner and outer radiance.

Because I am a physician first and foremost, delivering safe, effective care is always my top concern. At Kalos, we offer medically-proven treatments and technologies, and all care is provided by trained, certified medical professionals with many years of specific experience performing the aesthetic procedures we offer. I am directly involved in patient care at Kalos, reviewing treatment plans with my team and I personally perform many of our treatments.

Face, skin, and body treatments hand-selected just for you.

What makes you radiant is unique to you, and we offer an extensive range of options to personalize your treatments and focus on aspects of your appearance that you most wish to nurture. Following is a selection of the treatments you can receive at Kalos that are especially popular among Fort Worth moms:

Come see us at Kalos Medical Spa; you’ll be glad you did!

I understand how hard it can be to make yourself a priority when family, work, and social obligations consume much of your time, but such demands make taking time for yourself all the more important. I invite you to call Kalos Medical Spa at 817-292-4200 and schedule a personal consultation. Our experienced team will discuss your treatment options and help you find the perfect plan to look and feel your best. Your mind, body, and spirit will thank you!

Dr. Emily KirbyDr. Emily J. Kirby is a plastic surgeon board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and is a member of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. She is Chief of Plastic Surgery at Texas Health Resources Harris Methodist Hospital, the largest hospital in Fort Worth. Dr. Kirby is owner and Medical Director of Kalos, the Medical Spa at Kirby Plastic Surgery. For more information, visit or read Dr. Emily Kirby’s reviews.

Kirby Plastic Surgery, 5075 Edwards Ranch Rd, Fort Worth, TX 76109, 817-292-4200. Connect with Kirby Plastic Surgery via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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