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Let’s talk boobs!

Whoops. Didn’t mean to attract all the daddies to our blog. Tampons, The Bachelorette, Anthropologie, Pinterest, lactation. Okay, ladies, hopefully I’ve adequately scared off the men, and now we can get back to my topic: boobs.

No one can really prepare you for having a baby. But, I think one of the biggest (no pun intended — okay, it is a little bit) adjustments to pregnancy and post-pregnancy is our breasts and how to support them. All of a sudden, you’ve gone from little to big OR from big to gargantuan. It’s hard to know where to start. I’ve spent HOURS shopping and reading reviews and have compiled some resources for nursing moms and moms-to-be that will hopefully be of assistance.


1. Best sleep bra: I’ve found that a great, mildly supportive and super comfy bra is the Bravado Original Nursing Bra. Now, if you are a modern-day hippy and want to go grocery shopping in this bra, go for it. I use it for sleeping and hanging out at home. It’s also WONDERFUL for those first few days when your milk is coming in. It’s easy to clip and comes in fun colors, including leopard (not that you really care when you’re engorged).

2. Best moderately busty mama nursing bra: So you want to venture out and actually feel pretty again? If you are now moderately busty, the Elle MacPherson Maternelle is a wonderful bra. Supportive with no underwire and full coverage, this bra is also really comfy and easy to clip. It comes in pink, black, and nude. Its sizing runs from 32C – 38DD, so if you need something a little bigger, read on.

3. Best busty mama nursing bra: If you find yourself slightly (or very much) on the busty side, the Bravado Bliss is for you. This bra is really supportive, comes with two strap adjusters, is easy to clip, and very comfortable. When I found it, I promptly emailed every nursing mom who came to mind. Bravado must be so proud of this baby that is also provides a kit to convert it to a regular bra when your nursing days are over. One thing to note, (and note about every Bravado bra), is that they run SMALL. To be safe, measure yourself here and go up a cup when ordering Bravado.

4. Best sports bra: For those of you looking forward to getting back in shape, a great brand in general and for nursing is the Moving Comfort. No more awkwardly unhooking the back of your sports bra while you’re sweaty (gross) to nurse. The straps on these gems velcro in the front, so nurse away.

5. Best online nursing boutique: Mommy Gear is by far my favorite place to order bras. I love it because the shipping is fast, returns and exchanges are easy as pie, and they run sales A LOT. Once, when a swimsuit just wasn’t working for me, I got a personal apology email from them.

6. Best nursing cover: When I was pregnant with #1, a friend sent me a promo code for a free nursing cover. Too good to be true? Nope! Udder Covers routinely runs specials and promos for its nursing gear. I got mine for the price of shipping. Just add yourself to the mailing list, and you’ll get in on the party, too!

I have several other nursing bras, but the aforementioned are my favorites. Here’s to a supportive and comfy nursing experience!

What’s your favorite nursing bra? What’s the worst nursing bra you’ve had? Where do you go to find good nursing bras?


  1. My best recommendation is to get fitted by a professional. I wanted to buy at least one before I delivered, but couldn’t find one that fit at any of the maternity stores. I wanted ones without underwire, and that was all they had in my size at the maternity stores. So I waited and bought them at the mother’s store at the hospital (Baylor Grapevine). BEST. DECISION. EVER. They sent me home with the Bravado Original that you mentioned and 2 others, (I’m not sure what they were, Medula maybe?) Those 3 bras got worn for 14 months!!

  2. I do not remember what kind of nursing bras I used but I remember going through lots that I didn’t like. I think I ended up with some that I found at BRU. I am not a busty mom though – was just a C when I was nursing.

    One thing I will also add to this post is about nursing pads…..go with the washable! I started with the disposable ones and I was constantly itching and uncomfortable. I switched to the washable and it was such an incredible difference! Just remember not to use ANY fabric softener in your wash or dryer cycle or they will not be as absorbent.

  3. I loved my bravado bras too! Get used to supporting them since they will need it long after the nursing is done. HA! 🙂


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