Surviving Summer: How to Melt Proof Your Makeup


MakeupSummer has arrived. It’s time to welcome full days of blistering, sweat drenching heat — whether we like it or not. 

I’ve lived in Texas for three years now, and I will never forget my first 100+ degree day. The makeup on my face literally melted off. There I was in the middle of a field at an outdoor concert with streaky foundation and mascara running down my cheeks . . . with no bathroom to fix it up or wash it off. {No selfies for me!} 

I quickly learned that I needed to either go makeup free during the summer or up my summer-time makeup game. I chose the latter. 

With help from other makeup loving friends and professional makeup artist friends, I’ve gained some insights on ways to melt proof my makeup and stay looking fresh from morning all the way into the evening. For those who may be struggling to keep makeup on during these scorching summer days, this is for you! 

Melt Proof Makeup Must Haves 

PRIMER – Use it! This stuff does wonders and helps your makeup stay put. Primer goes on before your foundation or tinted moisturizer. A little goes a long way, and it only takes a few short SECONDS to put it on. If anything, I highly recommend investing in a good primer in the summer. 

POWDER FOUNDATION – I personally love powder foundation for all seasons, but it has especially been great for the higher temperatures! It’s lightweight and easy to put on. These two things are a must for me as a mom and a gal who likes to wear makeup.  

TINTED MOISTURIZER – On days you like to keep it simple, skip foundation all together and use a tinted moisturizer. Like powder foundation, it is light and easy to put on. 

WATER-RESISTANT MASCARA – Thank the heavens for water resistant mascara! So long to the days of raccoon eyes! If you’re going somewhere where your eyelashes are going to be drenched in water, then I recommend full-on waterproof mascara. Otherwise, stick to water resistant as it’s less harsh on your eyelashes. 

MAKEUP SETTING SPRAY – The final touch. After all of your makeup is applied, spritz your face with a makeup setting spray. This helps to prevent a total makeup meltdown. 

How do you melt proof your makeup? What are some of your favorite brands?

Check out this video hosted by FWMB on location at Lemongrass Salon & Spa. We talk about products we love and application tips for keep that make-up place no matter the weather.


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