The Ultimate Guide to Stylish and Comfortable Pajamas for Women

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Moms love a good set of pajamas.
I decided to treat myself to new pajamas. That is to say: I was shopping at Costco for batteries and chicken nuggets, when I cruised past the clothing section and saw these nightgowns (no longer sold at Costco but available on Amazon) on clearance for $6.97 for two! Not one to pass up a sweet deal, I pounced.  

That evening at home, once the kids were snuggly in bed, I couldn’t wait to change into my new pajamas. I proudly stepped out of the bathroom wearing one of my bargain nightgowns when my husband took one look and said,

“Umm . . . my mom has that nightgown.”  


“Yeah, my mom has that same nightgown. That reminds me of my mom.”

Oops. Now what?

I decided to do what any modern mom does these days: I took my plight to Facebook and crowd-sourced pajama recommendations. I was overwhelmed with the amount of attention and response my post got. Sleepwear clearly resonated with a lot of women!  

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I compiled a list of feedback from the women who responded, divided the options into categories by price point, and dug wholeheartedly into pajama research. I am now ready to present the top pajama recommendations for every budget, including my top pick overall . . . so good thing I purchased six pairs.

Bargain: $0

Borrowed T-shirts. Here’s another decent cost-effective option. Your partner’s clothing is accessible and comfortable, but it may only work if your significant other wears t-shirts several sizes larger than you do. My husband’s shirts just make me look as though I’ve forgotten pants.

Your Birthday Suit. This was a common suggestion, and I guess I needed a reminder that sleeping naked is both free and easy on the laundry pile. Bonus: Significant others seem to be particularly fond of this sleepwear choice.  

Budget: Under $25

Amazon: The online marketplace is full of inexpensive sleepwear, so much so that it’s hard to know what’s decent and what’s not. This nightgown, in particular, was suggested several times for its comfort and sexy vibe. It says, “I’m here for the Netflix, but I’m open to possibilities.” The material has a rayon feel, and because the straps are t-straps rather than the typical spaghetti straps, it keeps everything in place without slipping.  

Stars Above Modal Cotton. This line from Target was a popular suggestion for a good reason. The price point is excellent, and its styles are always on-trend. Its modal cotton nightgowns and sleep sets are lightweight, soft, and super stretchy. If you like a classic style that’s super comfortable and holds up just as well as the more expensive modal sleepwear, it’s a great option. I was not as happy with the satin options because it had a lot of static cling.

Mid Range: $25-50

Gap Body. Remember Gap? Yeah, I forgot about them, too, but they have a solid sleepwear line! This suggestion is a bit of a cheat in the $25-50 category, but if you’re shopping at Gap and paying full price, you’re doing it wrong. Sales and coupons are so prevalent at Gap that you can get most of these pieces for under $25, making sets less than $50. Its modal fabric is thinner than the Stars Above line from Target, which is not a bad thing. It also has more styles in the modal fabric.  

In Bloom. In Bloom by Jonquil is a popular line of sleepwear and lingerie sold at departments stores. The styles are flirty and will make you feel sexy without feeling broke. I liked that this brand had a variety of styles and prints, and I would shop them for something new and different, but I didn’t love the satin feel for daily wear.  

Soma. The cool nights’ sleepshirt was a crowd favorite and a big win for me as well. At $42 and two for $65, they are made well enough to last but not so expensive you can’t own enough for the entire week. Add in the “cool” technology that keeps you from getting overheated at night, and it’s a great pick for hot sleepers. Soma has several styles in its Cool Nights collection, if you prefer sets or long sleeve options.

Moms may like a set of classic pajamas for sleepwear.Investment: $50-75

Little Sleepies. Bamboo viscose. Need a say more? This buttery soft, cool-to-the-touch fabric is like sleeping in a cloud. Add in the super fun prints and matching family sets, and I was sold on this brand. Now you can match your kids on Christmas morning without sacrificing quality or comfort.

Petite Plume. Classic styles, quality construction, and beautiful design. This line of sleepwear is gorgeous in its simplicity. It carries family styles, flannel for cold weather, and an incredible Pima cotton line. Its bridal collection is perfect for gift giving, too.  

Recliner. Although this line ranges from $70-85, most options are $70, and the company offers discounts for multiples. Recliner’s goal is to get you in its pajamas FAST, so it provides same-day shipping on all orders. The nightgown I tried felt amazing — soft and stretchy. I could wear it outside of my house without feeling uncomfortable in front of my neighbors because I purchased this style with the built-in bra. Recliner also says its fabric is naturally deodorizing and helps keep you cool at night. 

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Splurge-Worthy: $75+ 

JJ Winx. This line of modal cotton lounge and sleepwear has a little secret built-in. It’s called the Light Hug, and it’s a soft band inside the top that keeps your breasts in check but isn’t so constrictive that it’s uncomfortable. I did not personally try this brand, but it was raved about by several commenters on my post.

Lake Pajamas. Lake was the most recommended pajama in the splurge-worthy category. It carries sleepwear for men, women, and kids in quality fabrics like Pima cotton, high-end knits, and poplin. Its pajamas feature great style details like piping and scalloped edging and it has a dedicated maternity line! I liked that the silhouettes were feminine — the pajamas didn’t just hang off the body haphazardly.  

Roller Rabbit. You may know this line because you’ve bought it for your kids, but it makes adult sizes too. All 100 percent cotton in classic silhouettes, you’ll love Roller Rabbit for its prints more than the fabric. It’s well made and as cute as it gets.  

Sijo. This line of loungewear is made from eucalyptus. Yes. Don’t you feel the breeze even saying the word eucalyptus? As you’d expect, it feels amazing and keeps you cool. I have this line in the splurge-worthy category because, although its lounge dresses are $70, most of its sets will run you $90 or more, and it doesn’t seem to offer any discounts or free shipping. If you’ve already invested in eucalyptus sheets and love them, you need to try Sijo.  

Finding the perfect pair of comfortable and stylish pajamas can be difficult for women.My Top Pick

Have you heard of washable silk? Brands like Slip popularized washable silk for pillowcases and touted its anti-aging and anti-bedhead benefits. I’m a big fan of a silk pillowcase, so when brands like Lunya and Nileta came out with sleepwear, my husband gifted me a pair of luxurious washable silk pajamas for Christmas a few years ago. It made me feel awesome, and I loved the way the fabric moved without any friction when I switched sleeping positions in the middle of the night. However, at almost $200 a set, I owned a single pair and was almost afraid to wear them. Beyond that, the waistband started to fall apart after less than 10 washes. Boo!

I decided I wasn’t meant to own top-of-the-line pajamas and had just started my pajama research when I came across a line of washable silk from a company called Haven Well Within. I found this company at Talbots of all places. This matters because large companies like Talbots run sales all.the.time. Included in those sales are the washable silk items from Haven Well Within.

So although its washable silk and Natural Luxe lines do run between $78-$118 per individual piece, when they go on sale, add 50% off sale and an extra 20% for clearance, and you can get a $200 quality washable silk sleepwear set for less than $50. So that’s what I did. I got two nightgowns, two short sets, and a pant set, all for a little more than a single pair of Lunye pajamas.  

So that’s my top pick! I am now a forever fan of the washable silk and Natural Luxe lines from Haven Well Within at Talbots. They are just as nice as the luxury-priced lines at a fraction of the cost if you play your cards right.  

Laurie was born in Fort Worth but grew up in Portland, Oregon. Teaching and family brought her back to Texas after completing her graduate work at Oregon State. She has been married to her husband Darien for almost ten years, and they have three young kids; 7, 5, and 4. No longer a public school teacher, Laurie spends her time running her small business, embracing her role as "household manager," and advocating for children with neurodiverse needs. She writes most frequently about autism acceptance through her blog Living Divergent.


  1. Great article! Women across the world have a lot of choices when it comes to their pajamas. There are so many different styles and colors from which they can choose. However, all these choices can be overwhelming for some women. You have written in-depth on what sleepwear to choose as per budget & material. Thank you for sharing this article.


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