Why Yes, It Does Have Pockets!


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Wear clothes with pockets for convenience and fashion.

I finally reached my limit. I am done with clothes that don’t have pockets. 

My kids are old enough to carry their own stuff. I work from home, so I don’t have a work bag filled to the brim with things I can’t live without. 

When I get out of my car to go somewhere, 99 percent of the time, I only need my keys, my phone, and my credit card. That’s it. 

I do not need a purse for that. I need POCKETS. 

And so, I have declared my independence from pocketless fashion. If it doesn’t have pockets, I am not interested. 

I’ve said “no” to cute little summer dresses and perfectly preppy chino shorts. My running wardrobe has dwindled to the same three pairs of shorts over and over again. Even with the increased monotony in my closet, I feel light and airy all the time. I’m not tied to a purse; I have everything I need in my pockets. 

I know I’m not alone. There are too many memes about women and their pocket obsession for it to be just me. Keeping that in mind, I wanted to put some of my pocket searching to good use.

For anyone who would like to add some storage space to their everyday wardrobe, I’ve put together a list of some favorite pocket pieces. 

Dresses can also have pockets, making them cute and functional.


Button-Front Dress: This one is a super cute Target find that can be worn solo for the next few months and layered with a tee or even turtleneck when it cools down. 

Fitted Silhouette: More fitted than many pocket options, this dress comes in long sleeves or short sleeves and skims your shape to flatter your curves without making you reach for the Spanx.  

Pretty in Prints: Printed items jazz up a wardrobe, and there are tons of colorful options to choose from with this classic swing dress with pockets. 

Puff Sleeves and Pockets: Trendy puff sleeves and a laidback silhouette combine with pockets for the perfect casual dress. 


Fabletics: My workout go-to, I have several pairs of Fabletics leggings. They are the ones I reach for over and over again, whether it’s to run during the three weeks of cooler weather or just be comfy in everyday life.

Heathyoga: Cropped or full length, these leggings hold up well and are perfect for wearing around the house or out and about.

Old Navy: These leggings are less athletic and more on the go for when you’re feeling fancier than athleisure.    


Denim Shorts: Amazon does it again with simple denim shorts that go with everything and have back pockets big enough to actually hold your stuff.

Loose and Flowy: These shorts embrace the loose and high-waisted trend, and the side pockets are big enough to fit your phone comfortably, even when you sit down; plus, they come in so many colors!

Workout Shorts: The longer length on these allows for full coverage when you’re bending down to pick up that toy for the millionth time, and the moisture-wicking fabric means you can work up a sweat going for a run or just running after the kids. 

Not Included: Chino shorts. I cannot find a pair of chino shorts that have either side pockets or back pockets big enough to hold my phone for the life of me. If anyone finds some, this preppy girl is desperate!


All About the Maxi: With so many color options and a silhouette that you can wear with crop tops or longer lengths, this pocketed maxi is worth hanging in your closet.

Gathered Midi: I love this dark brown skirt that gives off all sorts of fall vibes but is lightweight enough to be worn in Texas heat. 

Paperbag Mini: Loft has a winner with the glorious deep pockets in this just above-the-knee option that you can wear solo or layer with tights.  


My mom has been a pocket enthusiast for years and years. When I was younger, she bought shorts in the men’s department just so they would have pockets. 

These days she typically wears dresses and finds ones she loves from thredup.com, and then takes them to a local tailor to have pockets put in. 

If you’re like me and often cold inside, another trick is to look for sweaters or jackets that are pocket heavy, so you can throw one of those on over a pocketless outfit and have a place to stash your gear.

Share the Wealth

As much as I love a cute bag, my minimalist side enjoys streamlining my life and getting rid of the excess stuff that tends to find its home in my purse. Join me in the pocket revolution and share the wealth! Like raising a child, practical fashion takes a village. If you find a perfectly pocketed item, share it with us too!


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