The Women’s Center Tarrant County Needs Teddy Bears!

Fort Worth Moms joined The Women’s Center Tarrant County this year to educate ourselves about the issues impacting local women — and even more important how to help those impacted by trauma of all varieties.

So far our team . . .

  1. Learned from The Women’s Center staff.
  2. Published an article, “9 Coping Skills for Stress-Out Mamas.”
  3. Recorded a helpful video with The Women Center’s staff about “How to Cope with Stress in Motherhood.”

Now we are asking YOU to join us to continue that support not only for The Women’s Center itself, but also for the women it helps every day.

How to Help

Here is how YOU can help The Women’s Center!

The biggest, ongoing need is for . . . teddy bears! The Women’s Center can’t seem to keep them on the shelf!

Two brown teddy bears on grassWhen a victim of sexual assault presents at the hospital for a forensic exam, most often they have been assaulted very recently. Many victims do not want to be touched as a form of support, so the teddy bears offer a sense of safety and reassurance while also serving as a grounding tool. The exam the victim must undergo is extremely invasive, especially after experiencing an acute trauma, so having a soft, comforting object to hold during the experience is very helpful.

The bears are offered to all ages—adults, adolescents, women and men alike, appreciating their comfort during the hospital experience on what may be the darkest day of their lives.

The stipulations below are all designed to protect the survivor from being triggered, so it can be a warm and comforting experience in the face of incredible trauma. Here’s a link to some on Amazon to give you a general idea:


  • 12”-15” teddy bears.
  • Brand new, no used stuffed animals.
  • Solid neutral colors (brown, cream, black).
  • Must come unadorned (no clothes or hats, but a little bow at the neck is okay); This is VERY IMPORTANT!
  • Not date stamped or scented.

You can drop these off or mail to:

  • The Women’s Center, 1723 Hemphill, Fort Worth, Texas 76110
  • Drop off or mail to: Fort Worth Moms, 2430 Wabash Avenue, Fort Worth, Texas 76109 (accepting drop-off donations through October 10, 2023)
  • Drop off at 5342 Glade Lane, Fort Worth, TX 76051

You can also DONATE directly to The Women’s Center to purchase teddy bears.

Y’all, this is a GREAT WAY to get your kids involved in helping our community too. THANK YOU for joining us to support The Women’s Center!

The Women's Center logoIf you are struggling to develop healthy coping and healing strategies, The Women’s Center offers a weekly Women’s Support Group. If you have been a victim of violence, its Rape Crisis and Victim Service Program offers comprehensive services to help you heal from trauma.

Its Employment Solutions Program is available to parents who are unemployed or underemployed, helping them become financially stable. For more information, please call 817-927-4040.



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