10 Ways Your Family Can Support Medical Professionals

I have a unique perspective about how to help and support medical professionals because my mister is one of those in the trenches. He is an infectious disease physician, who is working so hard to care for the sick and to guide protocols and practices here locally.

After watching how his work day and work flow have changed since the coronavirus outbreak, I have some ideas on how you and your kids can encourage and support your favorite medical professional. This can be an individual, a hospital unit, an entire private practice — you name it! 

Before you tackle something on this list, keep a few tidbits in mind:

  • If supporting a friend or family member you know personally, email is a GREAT way to communicate and send gifts. During this stay-at-home season, it’s best to send virtual support.
  • If you want to support your favorite nursing unit or doctor’s office, for example, contact the office manager or administration first about your ideas and to assess their actual needs. They may have suggestions not included on this list. Also, again, think VIRTUAL. Do not drop off gifts and such at the hospital and/or medical practice.

Top 10 Ideas

Consider supporting medical professionals by choosing one — or more — of these ideas for you and your family to complete. 

  1. Coffee. You know us moms are holding on to coffee for dear life, so you can bet medical professionals are drinking that black goodness to keep going. Starbucks offers e-gift cards for the win. Local options like Dwell Coffee & Biscuits and Avoca Coffee have e-gift cards available and curbside service. You can even select coffee subscriptions services or have bagged and/or coffee pods delivered via grocery delivery.
  2. Scrubs. My mister hung up his dress pants and collared shirt for scrubs. These are easier to clean and disinfect — and during a pandemic, definitely the way to go. If you haven’t shopped for scrubs lately, you may be surprised to learn that one quality scrubs outfit (to last you more than one wash) costs between $30 – $100. Imagine needing to purchase two to three pairs at bare minimum to get you through a couple days of work before needing to wash. This is a hefty expense! Give Dorothy’s Scrubs Etc a call and purchase a gift card for the staff to hold on file for your favorite medical professional. Or simply send an Amazon gift card, which also has a variety of options for scrubs.
  3. Dinner. There are just too many local restaurants to name that are providing curbside, drive-thru, and delivery meal options (which is completely so wonderful). Believe me, after a longggg day of working in this coronavirus crisis (and their spouses taking care of kids at home while also trying to work), cooking dinner becomes a burden. Providing a digital gift card for a meal, or arranging for meal delivery, is a lifesaver!
  4. Amazon wish list. Chat with the office manager or administration to create a wish list on Amazon for office supplies and food items for the office kitchen. Not only can you purchase an item or two from that list, but you can also share the link and spread the word.
  5. Individually wrapped snacks. I’m noticing a trend: The days are so busy sometimes my favorite medical professional doesn’t stop for lunch or a snack. Individually-wrapped snacks are easy to carry, quick to eat, and are a smarter choice instead of platters of snacks (hello, germs). Find out the office favorites and have those delivered to your local practice or medical professional’s home.
  6. Food delivery. Have you noticed the majority of this list revolves around food? It is an important part of staying healthy and strong, but is often something that’s neglected when the day gets out of hand. Maybe go together with a group of friends or neighbors, or a church group or as a business and sponsor a breakfast or lunch for a hospital break room or medical practice. Focus more on “on-the-go” food options and individual portions like pre-packaged sandwiches boxes, etc.
  7. Join the clapping brigade — and tag. Take a video of your kiddos giving a standing ovation to celebrate all of the medical professionals and front-line workers, making sure to tag those you want to thank. And don’t forget to tag Fort Worth Moms (@fwmoms). Use the hashtags #clapforcarers #clapforourcarers #fwmcares.
  8. Surprises at home. Grab your sidewalk chalk to write encouraging notes on their porch, driveway, and/or sidewalk. Let your kids make art and games (yay, hopscotch). Paint rocks with messages of thanks and place in their yard. Speaking of yard? Does it need mowing, weeding, mulching? Grab supplies from your garage and a do a good deed without ever touching another person.
  9. Email notes of thanks and appreciation. Express how you feel. Share prayers for their health and safety. Write out your gratitude. Your kids can even create digital art to send as a creative and thoughtful gift. What an encouragement when they open their inboxes!
  10. Do your part. You may be sick of hearing it (too early for a pun like this?), but follow the guidelines set up for the safety of your family, your community, and our country. Obey the governmental orders and healthcare recommendations. How can we get to a point where my husband and other medical professionals are not risking so much every day at work? By flattening that curve and keeping the cases of COVID-19 as low as possible.

From my family to yours: Thank YOU for caring, for support, and for your generosity as you lead your kids to cheer for medical professionals everywhere. We are in this together!


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