A Case Not to Diet

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Keto, whole 30, paleo, Noom, Trim Healthy Mama, Optavia, WW, and the list could go on. I’ve done them all.

Diets are not all bad, per se, and they obviously help tons of people lose weight and grow into a more healthy lifestyle, but for some (like me) dieting has wreaked havoc on my mental state when it came to how I viewed myself, my body, and food.

Even if I had already lost my goal weight, I would feel deep shame if I “fell off” the wagon of whatever diet plan I was following. I would get anxiety and felt so much stress if I got busy and didn’t have time to meal plan, which meant eating something on the fly . . . and the anxiety wheel would circle again.

I once felt so confused about what the “right things” to eat were as all the diets say something a little different about so many things. 

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Eat potatoes. Don’t eat potatoes. Eat lots of fat. Watch your fats. Don’t eat carbs. Eat carbs. Butter is good! Stay away from butter!  

I used to get whiplash trying to keep up with the latest and greatest in fad diet culture because it seemed to worked for so many.

From all the things I’ve learned about every diet plan I’ve ever followed, there are some key factors that remained the same in all of these ways of eating:

Drink lots of water. Your body needs it. 

Eat lots of veggies. Your body needs them.

Move your body. There are so many benefits. 

Take your vitamins. Your body could use the support. 

It wasn’t until earlier this year that I had an epiphany of sorts when it came to my own personal diet and eating habits.

All these diets had all the above listed in common, so why did I continue to put myself through the anxiety and stress of following something that wasn’t working for me? Why was I putting so much stress on my body to follow one strict set plan? Why not focus on these core concepts and then go from there?

The food fights editorial series features 15 food and eating related articlesI set on a mission to grow into a healthier lifestyle — without following any sort of diet plan — and I can’t tell you how uncomfortable this had initially made me.

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But, here I am today . . . 10 pounds lighter and feeling much happier . . . and way less stressed. Even during the pandemic, mind you. 😉 

I try to drink half my body weight in water and hit that most days.

I keep a fridge stocked with fresh cut veggies — really the only prep I do each week and aim to eat veggies with every full meal of the day.

I move my body daily — chasing toddlers around the house and yard. I do yoga once a week and try to fit in a nice long walk three days a week.

And, honestly, I’m still not very consistent with my vitamins. I’ll get there one day. 

Not dieting has been the best choice for both my mental and physical health.

If you’re on the diet struggle bus mama, throw that diet out the window. Drink lots of water. Eat lots of veggies. Move your body. Take your vitamins. Good things will come!

Lauren S
Lauren is a gardener, amateur chicken rancher, and semi-pro Pinterest recipe tester who has mastered the art of reheating her morning coffee and evading the endless requests for snacks. Whether it’s solo traveling across the country or a picnic lunch in her front yard, she ensures her life each day is an adventure. With a professional background in sales, social media management, marketing, and business administration, Lauren is the embodiment of the organized creativity that’s reflected through her writing and work as sponsorship director and media coordinator for Collin County Moms , Dallas Moms, and Fort Worth Moms. Lauren resides in the Mid Cities with her husband, Sam, and three children.


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