Fight the Bite: Tips for Preventing Mosquito Bites

They are pesky. Rotten. No good. Dirty. Annoying. I mean, seriously, there is just nothing good about mosquitoes. And let me tell you, I have had my lion’s share of mosquito bites. In a room full of people, I seem to be the one that walks away with all the mosquito bites. I previously lived in a part of the world that is teeming with mosquito and illnesses derived from their bites. I even contracted dengue fever, which comes from a mosquito bite and makes you feel like all the bones in your body are broken for about a week straight. (Sounds so lovely, right?) So, though it may seem silly, I am intense in my hatred for the little buggers. I have spent years finding products that I love to use against Satan’s minions mosquitoes, and here are a few that work great for my family and me!


BUFFWEAR: This company offers some great head wear for men, women, and children. These show up on popular reality shows and are great for outdoor wear. They offer buffs that have UV protection and are infused with an insect repellent that withstands at least 70 washes and helps prevent against mosquitoes and may other insects. I used these when living overseas and loved them!

BUG ZAPPER: Alright. This one gets a little personal. But. This doesn’t simply prevent mosquito bites; it just plain ends the mosquito. While I must encourage you to keep these away from children, there is something quite satisfying about hearing a little “pop!” and knowing that there is one less mosquito in your space.

ODOMOS: This is an Indian-made lotion that repels mosquitoes, stays active for up to eight hours, and is safe for infants and young children! Wait a second . . .  we don’t live in India! I know, I know . . .  don’t worry — you can buy it on Ebay. I love this stuff! It smells pleasant and it works, which is just about all I need.

YOUNG LIVING INSECT REPELLENT: Here is what I love about this spray — it is SAFE to use on my son! I occasionally use the stuff filled with DEET on myself, but when it came to spraying that on my infant, I was a little nervous. It’s hypoallergenic, dermatologist-tested, and is made from plant-based ingredients. It has citronella, lemongrass, clove, spearmint, and thyme essential oils, which are all recommended for avoiding critters on their own. In the past, I have also purchased some of those oils individually and made my own little spray for my family.

OFF! COILS: These coils are great to use for close spaces, such as a balcony, patio, or porch. They burn for several hours and they should prevent mosquitoes from coming within a few feet of their smoke. While the smell of these is not my favorite (I tend to get headaches after a while), they do seem to work well for a small space.

STANDING WATER: Ok, so this isn’t a product as much as it is a recommendation. I learned a few years ago that standing water is basically a breeding ground for mosquitoes. They love stagnant water and so my final piece of advice to you is to regularly empty old flower pots, kiddie swimming pools, and anything else in your yard that might collect water and retain it.

So, there you have it, folks. I know there are TONS of products out there for mosquito bite prevention, but these are my favorite things. Who else out there hates mosquitoes? Does anyone have other products I should try? I am always eager to try out anything that might help me fend off these nasty little things.

Julie B
Julie B was born and raised in Oklahoma and will forever proudly call herself an Okie. She moved to India after college to study language and culture, where she worked with women and children. She has since fallen in love with all things Bollywood. She moved to Texas in 2014 to attend graduate school and found her handsome husband Sam while there. They welcomed sweet baby Hudson into their lives in 2016, and Julie is now a stay-at-home mom taking graduate classes in her “free time.” She is a recent coffee convert and loves to cook spicy Indian food with her husband. You can discover more about Julie on her blog Sweet Tea and Chickpeas.


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