Five Reasons Why Women Should Prioritize Exercise

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Let’s face it. Exercise is considered one of the best prescribed drugs! I won’t bother giving you hundreds of links to the latest statistics describing how exercise can help lift depression, calm anxiety, help us have a happier disposition, or even achieve the holy grail of weight loss.

I have worked with hundreds of people over the past 10 years who are all searching for the magic potion that will make them feel and look their best. Trust me; drink the (organic, non-GMO) Kool-Aid. Exercise is a must! You already knew that, right? I’m not talking about just walking the dogs. Schedule time for purposeful, efficient, kick-your-butt kind of exercise. It’s worth it in more ways than you realize.

Feeling run down, frustrated, and disconnected from your own body can feel much worse than any type of workout! Many find their wellbeing is enhanced when they exercise, not just because their moods are better immediately following a workout, but also because sleep quality improves, and they find themselves making much better food choices!

MASHUUP WorkoutIf you want to get the most bang for your buck when exercising, I recommend interval training. Interval training workouts allow you to work out more efficiently and effectively. You can burn more calories in less time and have more energy throughout the rest of your day because you spent less time exercising.

This doesn’t necessarily mean you to give up a type of exercise you love, such as yoga. You can either alternate days that you do interval training workouts with whatever else it is you love to do, or find an interval training workout that has a little bit of everything you need and hopefully something you love.

Have you ever tried the variable-intensity interval workout called MASHUP®? If not, it guarantees a full-body workout that is fast, effective, and safe for all fitness levels. You will experience MindBody, agility & strength, and HIIT in every workout. Click the thumbnail below to check out this 15-minute demo and see what’s in store:

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Commit to a weekly class at the gym (find classes at Fort Worth YMCAs, TCU, THR, the Fort Worth Club, Larry North Fitness, Fitness 2000, Lifetime Colleyville, The GEM, and Texas Family Fitness). Or try the MASHUP® app from home, choosing from 15-, 30-, and 45-minute options! Make a commitment to yourself. Set a date, pick a schedule, have a friend join you, and just Nike it. No excuses!

MASHUP MindBody banner1. We Are Better Mothers

It’s more selfish of us NOT to take time for ourselves to accomplish a regular workout than it is to carve out the time to do it. Be the best mom possible by taking care of yourself. We are more equipped to manage everything else when we have that healthy outlet.

I’m not saying you need to exercise every day. You can benefit with as little as two to three 15-minute interval workouts a week. It is much more about striving for optimal health and wellness. Yes, we all want to look our best; however, that is a symptom of our eating plan and regular exercise regimen. Prioritize and make it happen just like everything else that is important!


Exercising regularly can lessen anxiety and depression, making it easier to manage the house and work/life balance that feels like a juggling act for most of us. When we are exercising, we are producing more serotonin, and we feel better. Exercise can promote a more positive mood when managing kids and work versus when you don’t get your body moving. Yes; it’s magic, and you should try it!

MASHUP Agility&Strength banner3. We Set a Good Example

We are setting the bar for our kids. They will watch what we do more than what we say. Be the model citizen for them, always promoting a healthy, active lifestyle. Studies show that being active in childhood and adolescence increases the odds of a healthy adulthood. Teach them while they are young! 

4. Good Vibes

Women should prioritize exercise to balance hormones, improve mood, boost energy, and reduce overall stress in the body and mind. In addition, Dr. Kenneth Cooper believes that the only way to lift mental fatigue and overcome “foggy brain” is through physical exercise, which allows more oxygen to the brain. Exercise will help us sleep better, making us feel more rested and more emotionally grounded.

MASHUP HIIT banner5. Hustle for that Muscle

Each pound of muscle we pack on becomes a fat-burning incinerator! We all know that muscle burns calories, right? Muscle is metabolically expensive. When you build muscle, you are increasing your potential to have a higher metabolic rate. So those wine nights will affect you less the more you work out!

Also, anytime you increase lean muscle mass — whether it be through direct strength training or high-intensity cardio intervals (increasing muscle mass through the boost of human growth hormone) — you boost your immune system, increase bone density, and reduce the risk of injury.

Moms, we have to make exercise a priority or it will not happen. Put your best foot forward in all that you do, including taking care of you!

Alyssa with MASHUPAlyssa Conrad is a certified MASHUP® Coach, Cooper-certified personal trainer, clinical nutritionist through Precision Nutrition with a focus in sport and exercise nutrition, and holds a degree in exercise physiology. She believes in a “real food first” approach through her holistic practice at Life’s Medicine in Southlake, Texas, which offers full spectrum nutritional assessment, bio identical hormone replacement therapy, and specialty lab testing. Alyssa has coached hundreds of individuals to achieve health goals through exercise and nutritional intervention. 


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