Life Lesson: Learn to Save a Life in 20 Minutes

Fort Worth offers take-home CPR course.
Fort Worth offers take-home CPR course.

When Deborah Krauser and her team at the Fort Worth Emergency Services Collaborative questioned why Fort Worth has a 7 percent survival rate when it comes to cardiac arrest episodes, they found the answer in sister cities across the nation.

“We looked at other metropolitan areas and asked, ‘What are they doing different? Why is the survival rate in Fort Worth so low'” Krauser said. She found that although Fort Worth boasts one of the best emergency response systems through the Fort Worth Fire Department and MedStar, other cities touted knowledgable bystanders that stepped in before medical response units arrived.

It’s simple: For every minute it takes for a cardiac arrest victim to receive assistance, their chance of survival drops 10 percent. The key is to educate the public. Thus, 20 for Life, a tool kit that citizens can check out from their local fire department. It offers hands-on instruction on how to save a life.

Each 20 for Life kit comes with:

  • Instructor binder featuring the instructor program guide, simple illustrated instructions, information on how to use an AED, additional resources, and a Q&A section
  • Short video on DVD
  • 20 firm foam pieces for participants to practice the compression maneuver

It’s a true Fort Worth community affair. Mayor Betsy Price stars in the 20-minute vignette and CBS 11 anchor Doug Dunbar narrating the important information.

New guidelines instruct a hands on, compression-only CPR training program. “Hands-only and no respiration is much easier to teach,” Krauser explains. “People aren’t intimidated by it.” The lesson instructs three basic steps to assist cardiac victims: Check for breathing; call 9-1-1; and compress hard and fast until assistance arrives.

Keep in mind, this is not a certification course. This is for everyday citizens who want to be empowered to be able to step in when they recognize an emergency has occurred. Perfect for mamas, teachers, grandparents, and neighborhood babysitters.

To learn more about this program, click here.

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