The Sunscreens of Summer :: Find the Best Sunscreen for You and Your Family

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Note :: Please be aware of the voluntary sunscreen recall from Neutrogena and Aveeno. Some of these products may be impacted by that. We know mamas do their research and choose products for various reasons, but the most important one is always at the top of their list: What’s best for their personal family.

It’s summertime in Texas, and we all know that means lots of heat and UV rays. 

No one wants to stay inside all summer long, but you want to make sure your family is well protected during their outdoor adventures. Enter sunscreen.

However, that sunscreen aisle at Target can get a little overwhelming, as can the never-ending lists on Amazon, so we compiled a list of our favorites and broke them down into categories for your convenience.

Sunscreens for Swimming

The COVID-19 pandemic makes planning for summer difficult for moms.Sunscreens for Outdoor Activities

  • SunBum Original Sunscreen: It’s a crowd favorite for the broad-spectrum protection, but be prepared for the coconut/banana smell!
  • Coppertone SPORT: This is one of the best sunscreens for athletes because it protects while you sweat during a workout or just standing around outside in the Texas sun. 
  • Thinksport: A mineral-based sports sunscreen, this one is highly rated, but do make sure you give it time to absorb to be effective!
  • Solimo Sport: An Amazon brand, this affordable lotion is an excellent alternative to some pricer brands out there and still gives full UV coverage.
  • Neutrogena Sport Face: A brand with many varieties, this one includes an electrolyte complex that makes it like Gatorade for your skin, but with sunscreen included. 

Sunscreens for Specific Skin Types

Mineral Sunscreens

  • Brush On Block Mineral Sunscreen Powder: This powder sunscreen is something totally new (at least to me!), but a great way to get coverage without a lot of rubbing in — a major mom win. 
  • Neutrogena Sheer Zinc: Not surprisingly, Neutrogena also has a mineral-based sunscreen that is easy to put on and feels lightweight. 
  • Drunk Elephant: If the name gets you to try it out, the SPF protection and added antioxidants will keep you coming back to this one over and over again.
  • ISDIN Eryfotona Actinica: An ideal mineral sunscreen for darker skin is silky smooth and claims to repair existing sun damage while giving you current sun protection.

Sunscreen for Mom

  • Aveeno Daily Moisturizer: My personal fave sunscreen tool; I wear this every day for moisture and protection. 
  • BFF Skin Perfector by Trinny London: FWM CEO, Emily Y, highly recommends this one as an excellent all-around primer with your needed SPF included. This product evens skin tone too!
  • Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch: This one is in the mom camp because it can get a little stingy in the eyes, but it’s lightweight and almost feels like wearing nothing. 
  • CoTZ Face Prime & Protect: The lovely matte tint is a great way to combine your make-up base and sun protection all in one.
  • Colorscience Brush-On Sunscreen Powder: Another brush-on option (y’all, I’m obsessed with these), it’s easy to apply, won’t make you shiny, and pops perfectly in your purse.

Choose a sunscreen that works for your family and kids this summer.Bonus: Post-Sunburn Products

(For those times when you miss a spot or forget to reapply!)

No matter your sunscreen of choice, remember that the best protection is the one you have on, so be generous in your application, rub products in thoroughly, and set a timer to remind you to reapply!

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