What Is the Difference Between Discipline and Abuse :: Panel Discussion Video

What is the difference between discipline and abuse, between healthy attachment and coerced or secretive relationships? That’s a question, in my opinion, that every parent needs to know the answer to. It can inform your parenting choices and hone your radar when something “off” comes your way.

As a survivor of childhood abuse, it is massively important to me that my own home is a safe and nurturing environment for my kids. It is also important to me that our community grows in understanding, love, and support for all children who call North Texas home. 

This is why I hosted the following panel discussion with friends from ACH Child and Family Services and Alliance for Children. These two organizations are doing effective work to assist those impacted by abuse and to prevent families for experiencing abuse and breaking cycles.

They answer all these questions and more: What is child abuse? What’s the difference between discipline and child abuse? How can I make sure I am building a nurtured relationship with my child? How can I keep my child safe from abuse? What do I do if suspect a child is being mistreated?

These programs and resources were mentioned during the video:

Please consider these additional resources from Fort Worth Moms:


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