4 Unique Easter Activities to Do This Year


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A young girl decorates an Easter tree.Like everyone else I am making plans to take pictures with the Easter Bunny, hiding eggs, and having a big lunch with my family. But in addition to an egg hunt, I wanted to come up with some unique Easter activities to keep the kiddos entertained.

Here are four activities that will keep your children excited throughout Easter day!

Decorate an Easter Tree

One of the random things I saved from my childhood is an Easter tree. It sits on a tabletop, and my children love to put the ornaments on it.

I found a few options for sale online at varying prices. The one in this picture comes from Amazon at a reasonable price. It’s just another fun decoration to add to the holiday/party decor this year. 

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Easter Bunny House

Another cute idea is to make an Easter bunny house. This is similar to a gingerbread house at Christmas, but this is tastier, in my opinion. The ingredients are pretty simple:

  • wafer cookies (vanilla or strawberry)
  • can of frosting (or candy melts)
  • jelly beans or colored M&Ms
  • Marshmallow bunny. You could also use a marshmallow chick and make a little chicken coop!

Really, you can add any type of candy you want to spruce up the bunny house. I personall like using edible green grass made out of shaved coconut. 

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Egg and Spoon Race

The cost of eggs is ridiculous this year, so I don’t think I’ll be hard boiling too many for dying. However, I do have a stockpile of plastic eggs from years past, so I thought we could have a relay race with big spoons!

It’s an age-old game that is perfect for celebrating with kiddos and adults alike! I know the kids will get a big kick out of the game when they see the older family members racing each other, too.

Kids racing with plastic eggs on spoons.

Easter Egg Letter Hunt

Finally, a new take on the traditional egg hunt! This is more for pre-schoolers, but I think us mamas are always looking for something to stuff inside eggs besides candy and money. Ammirite?

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Hide the letters of the alphabet in the eggs. Then give the kids a sheet with the letters written on it. See how many of the letters they can find on their list! Try timing them if the kids are especially competitive. It’s a great way to up the ante on their alphabet skills. Try using lowercase or uppercase letters, numbers, sight words, or even shapes or even try numbers for kids who are practicing these skills.

These are just the few things I’m adding to our Easter celebration this year. Your family will enjoy the unique Easter activities and probably make some new traditions for next year! 

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