50 Family Friendly April Fool’s Pranks

Along with spring showers and fragrant flowers, April is known for its tricksters and jokers. This April Fool’s Day, surprise your family members with a few harmless jokes, all in good fun.

The key to a good prank is to maintain trust while incorporating the element of surprise. When April 1 rolls around, keep some of these jokes in your back pocket for a fun day of tricks and tomfoolery!

1. Add food coloring to a cup of milk.

2. Adhere small squares of Bubble Wrap under the toilet seat for a “popping” surprise.

3. Affix a “please honk and wave” sign to your partner’s or teen’s car.

4. Build a giant blanket fort around the house. 

5. Change the time on clocks.

6. Cover a bar of soap with clear nail polish so it will not lather.

A good April Fool's Day prank will get lots of laughs.7. Cut out the letter “E” with brown paper a number of times, place them in a pan, and tell your kids that you made brownies. 

8. Discretely hide plastic bugs in drawers, the refrigerator, a backpack, or the shower.

9. Draw silly faces on eggs in the carton.

10. Exchange grown-up shoes with kid shoes in all of the closets.

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11. Fill a cup of “juice” with Jell-O.

12. Find a cardboard cut-out of a favorite character or movie star, and place it in an unsuspecting location.

13. Flip objects upside down around the house.

14. For older children with phones, swap their screensaver with an image of a cracked screen.

15. Freeze bowls of cereal over night and watch as your children struggle to eat their cereal the next morning.

16. Have a box of donuts on the kitchen table filled with a variety of vegetables.

17. Hide a rubber snake in a drawer, cabinet, or bag.

18. In front of your children, instead of adding sugar to your tea or coffee, add pop rocks for a fun surprise. 

19. In place of your kid’s cell phone, put out two soup cans and some string.

20. Lay bubble wrap under rugs around the house.

21. Mix-up toys, swap items from one child’s room to another, or line the hallway with stuffed animals before the children wake up.

22. On the inside of a lamp shade, tape a cut-out of a bug so it can only be seen when the light is on.

23. Paste googly eyes on random things around the house (bananas, toothbrushes, the dog bowl, the car door, etc.).

Pull April Fool's pranks on kids.24. Place a couple of rocks in a purse or backpack.

25. Put a fake parking ticket on your partner’s or teen’s car.

26. Randomly yell, “the floor is lava,” then jump on a chair.

27. Rearrange clothes or items in drawers.

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28. Remove all of the marshmallows from cereal boxes.

29. Swap cookie or donut-cream filling with mayonnaise or toothpaste.

30. Replace sugar with salt or vice-versa.

31. Send your child to school with a lunch box filled with play food, but also give the teacher a real lunch.

32. Serve dinner for breakfast.

33. Slide a whoopee cushion under a chair or couch cushion.

34. Sneak a gummy worm into your child’s food.
Gummy worms are a yummy snack.

35. Stick a small helium balloon under the toilet seat for a fun surprise to whoever uses the bathroom first.

36. Strategically place a sticky-note on someone’s back.

37. Stuff a pillowcase with balloons.

38. Surprise your kids at school pick-up by wearing a funny costume.

39. Shove tissue paper into your kids’ shoes to make them feel like their feet grew overnight.

40. Swap candy in a candy box with carrots or other vegetable.

41. Switch the bags of cereal with other cereal boxes.

42. Take out the batteries from the TV remote or mouse, or place tape over the sensor.

43. Tape the light switch so it will not turn off or on.

44. Toss a bath bomb into the tub for a surprise.

45. Trade out a few light bulbs around the house with colored light bulbs.

46. Unroll a roll of toilet paper, draw funny pictures with marker on a few squares, and then re-roll the roll.

47. Update the primary language on the TV to a foreign language.

48. Use an old baby monitor, hide the receiver, and make surprise noises around the house.

49. When your child asks for his or her tablet, hand over a piece of paper and pen.

50. Wrap a gift inside a box inside a box, inside a box, inside a box. 

Painting rocks is a fun activity.

What other April Fool’s Day pranks have you pulled on your family (or has your family pulled on you)? 

As a native Fort Worthian, Elizabeth loves Fort Worth. She and her husband, Will, have two children who are absolute gems. She is a research analyst at Tarrant County College – access to education is a passion of hers. When not working or playing with her kids, she is running. Elizabeth competed in the 2016 and 2020 marathon Olympic trials, she and her children held the 10K double stroller Guinness World record for a hot second, and she has won each Cowtown Marathon distance -- 5K to 50K. Liz is also the hospitality coordinator for Fort Worth Moms.


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