6 Ways to Celebrate When Your Valentine Is Your Kid

This February 14, rather than celebrating with a romantic partner, I plan to celebrate Valentine’s Day my child.

Spend Valentines Day with your son or daughter.

I can’t think of a single person in the world who loves me more than my son, and I can think of 100 activities that sound way more creative, heart-warming, and fun than sitting in a busy restaurant out of celebratory obligation.

1. However, if a romantic dinner out sounds like your idea of Valentine bliss, check out these date night ideas in the Fort Worth area.

If you’re used to sharing romantic plans with a partner on Valentine’s Day, the thought of making plans with your child instead may be a bit of a head-scratcher. Here are a few more ideas that will hopefully make for a great mommy/child date.

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Go Out and Celebrate

2. Two beloved movies from our childhood are coming to life Valentine’s Day weekend!

Matilda: The Musical is running from February 4 to 13 at Casa Manana. The live performance of this adorable movie is appropriate for all ages, and could be a fun and exciting experience for you and your littles. Visit Casa Manana’s website for more information.

And for three days only, February 11 – 13, the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra will highlight the music from Back to the Future at Bass Performance Hall. The orchestra will perform the score while the movie plays on a high definition screen. What a unique way to celebrate the holiday with your kids — young and old. Visit Bass Hall’s website for more information.

3. This next one may seem like a strange pick for a mother/child outing, but it’s how I spent Valentine’s Day with my son when he was a baby, and it was one of my favorites.

My mother and I strapped him in a stroller and checked out the Fort Worth Home and Garden Show. We strolled around the Convention Center dreaming up future home improvement projects, and my son played with the silly giveaways. Afterward, we crossed the street to the Fort Worth Botanic Gardens and took in the views. It was a perfect Valentine’s date for a new mother and son (and grandma!).

This year, the Will Rogers Memorial Center will host the Fort Worth Home and Garden Show. It’s running the weekend after Valentine’s Day, February 18 – 20.

4. A rewarding outing with your child, whether on Valentine’s Day or any day of the year, is to go an actual date with your son or daughter, one on one. I love, love, LOVE this concept.

Besides the quality time you’ll spend together, it’s an opportunity to show your children what proper and appropriate conduct on a date looks like. This can include simple things like holding doors open and polite greetings and salutations, and also engaging in deeper conversation and treating and being treated by your date with respect. These are dating lessons they’re carry into their teen years and adulthood.

Activities at Home

5. If you prefer to stay home for Valentine’s, baking cookies with your kids is always a good tried and true activity. Check out these Fort Worth Moms favorite cookie recipes.

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The process of making the cookies may be even more fun than eating them. But if you’re like me, afterward you’ll feel the urge to eat all two dozen of them as quickly as possible, just to get them out of your kitchen.

So I turned to Pinterest for a few more healthy alternatives. Here are 30 healthy Valentine food ideas for kids.

6. And who doesn’t love a great, hand made Valentine’s Day card? Break out the construction paper, markers, glitter, and glue and go to town.

Craft with your kiddos on Valentine's Day.

A lot of hospitals, assisted living facilities, shelters, and other places providing care for the elderly, sick, or needy are always looking for card and gift donations on Valentine’s Day. Create some sweet cards and crafts as a mother/child team, then go donate your sentiments to someone who really needs some love.

Not the crafty type? DIY challenged moms can click here for simple Valentine projects to do with the kids.

If you’re going out or staying in, the goal of Valentine’s Day with your kids is to express your tremendous love for them. You are also showing them there are different types of love that are celebrated on this special day. I hope the Valentine experiences you have with your children this year warm your heart.

Lauren T
Lauren moved to Texas from Maryland in 2010. She has made Fort Worth her home and loves the area! She's a single mom to her son Henry, who is on the Autism Spectrum. She works in a Fort Worth pediatric dental office, and she enjoys running, hiking, and being involved in the community. Lauren is the leader for Moms of Kids with Differences and Disabilities, as well as Southwest Fort Worth Moms.


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