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Easter is one of our favorite times of the year! We have pretty typical traditions, but I’m excited to share with Fort Worth Moms readers how we celebrate Easter in our home and why those traditions are special. 

Simple, Special Traditions

On Easter, we wake up pretty early. We have a tradition that’s rooted out of the sunrise service I used to go to with my parents when I was a kid. During the sunrise, we go on our back deck and sing two or three worship songs as we watch the sky unfold. It’s probably my very favorite part of the day, which is saying something since I am not a morning person.

Then the kids huddle by the fireplace to dump out their Easter baskets. The Easter bunny usually gives them small toys and books, going light on chocolate. (The grandparents tend to give chocolate!) As an aside, we choose not to do Easter bunny pictures — it’s strictly a time-management decision!

After baskets, we put on our new Easter outfits. It’s not as dressy an occasion as it was when I was little, but I still like the kiddos to feel extra special with some new springtime outfits. One thing I do allow is for them to pick out the clothes when we shop. If this is problematic, which it frequently can be (“No, you cannot buy a bunny costume,”) I find a few things I think would work well and let them pick. They feel more excited if they have some say in their outfits.

Easter in a local Fort Worth home is special.We go to church as a little family, embracing the excitement all around us for the joyous holiday. Easter has always been both a holy and social day in my life, and I love giving that to my kiddos as well. They know no matter what others believe, it’s a time for all to be thankful for the newness spring brings.

After church, we drive over to Gigi and Grandpa’s house. We eat ham and delicious sides. We finish it up with dessert: The glorious and oh-so-easy bunny cake. The kids love to decorate the bunny however they want!

We usually do several crafty things while we are over there. Some years we make empty tomb rolls. We take plenty of photos with flowers. We dye eggs using some kind of new method each year. And the last event, before heading back home, gets the most anticipation! Easter in our home means we hunt for eggs with the cousins.

Some eggs have candy or small toys, and others have coins for the piggy banks! Usually one or two eggs happen to have bigger monetary prizes. Older kids love that. (We have usually practiced egg hunts at our house approximately 100 times prior to this hunt. And I love finding educational activities to do with plastic eggs, too! For example, I write a number six on one side and they have to find the matching side with six dots drawn on it. There are many if you Google!)

Finally, we come home for a small dinner and some time to unwind. Kids and adults alike are filled with joy. And also we are tired. Giving ourselves time to rest as a family provides balance since we have been with friends and family most of the day.

Easter in our home is basic. And we love it that way!

Create boundaries this Easter.I’m a firm believer traditions should be simple or they won’t become traditions. Children don’t need all of the hustle and bustle we are tempted to put into holidays just because we see others doing it. Edit your day! Truly, if they have face-to-face attention and you delight with them at some point during Easter, they’re so content. You’ve created a deeper, more meaningful bond and beautiful memories just by the feelings you’ve elicited in them. If we model contentment, they won’t enter into the consumerism trap or comparison problems that are so common.

Enjoy your beautiful Easter holiday this year! May it be simple and full of all that is important. Feel good about yourself and create boundaries to help your goals happen. And may your contentment and joy in people-over-things be contagious with your kiddos! God bless each of you this Easter season.


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