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Who could use a little more fun and laughter in their family? It’s always nice to stop and enjoy harmless pranks and smiles with your kids, especially as the parent! Thankfully, April Fool’s Day is around the corner, and it is the perfect time to pull out the pranks for everyone to get a little chuckle. 

The origin of April Fool’s Day is a bit unknown, but it has been celebrated in several countries over many centuries. It’s been marked with paper fishes attached to a person’s back in France, through festivals in ancient Rome and even tied to the vernal equinox claiming Mother Nature was in on the pranks with changing the weather. 

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But here in Texas, for this year, we plan to keep it simple and fun in our family.

Here are some great ideas for pranking your kiddos on April Fool’s Day!

Bugs Everywhere

This one is a classic and oh-so fun. Find small plastic bugs and freeze them into ice cubes so that the kid’s cold drink gives them a fright! You can also leave non-frozen bugs in drawers, under pillows — basically anywhere around the house for extra fun. Maybe just remember where you hide them, or you might end up pranking yourself!

Frozen Cereal

After you put your kiddos down for the night, pour a bowl of of their normal daily cereal including a spoon and milk. Place the bowl in the freezer. When you put it down in front of them the next morning, they will go for the first spoonful only to find it’s frozen!

Fake Drink 

Make a batch of Jell-O that matches the color of your child’s favorite drink (orange for orange juice, red for fruit punch, etc.), add a straw, and let it set in a clear drinking glass. Serve up this juice to your kids and watch them try to slurp up the drink to no avail!

Language Switch 

If your child has a tablet or smart phone, change the language on his or her device for a funny prank.

Toothpaste Treat 

This potentially tasty prank will certainly throw your child off his or her normal routine. Hand a toothbrush topped with something other than toothpaste such as icing, cream cheese, or any other passable substitute.

The Food Has Eyes 

Go to your local craft store and grab a package of googly eyes. Place a set of eyes on the food like the milk, fruits and veggies, ketchup bottle — anything that will catch their eye. When they open the fridge, they will be surprised to see their food staring back at them!

Play these fun, friendly pranks on your family this April Fool's Day.Overnight Switches 

Here are some fun pranks to do overnight for a surprise in the morning. Sneak into the kids’ rooms while they sleep and make some changes, such as turning a chair upside down, put underwear on the dolls, and move things around on the shelf. They will wake up wondering what happened in their room!

If you child is a heavy sleeper, pick him or her up and place in a different bed during the night. He or she will wonder what happened!

Water Color Change 

Change the color of the water that comes out of the faucet for a really fun prank that leaves them wondering what is going on. Just use a cotton swab to add a gel food dye (any color) to the water aerator (mesh wire filter). Let it dry, and when they turn on the faucet the water comes out an unlikely color! The more layers of food dye you add, the darker the color of the water. 

Hope you and your family have lots of fun and laughs, but remember, the more pranks you pull this year, the kids might be looking for revenge next year. Happy pranking!

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