Celebrating Purim :: Fun Activities for the Whole Family


A boy holds a wooden grogger.

Want to celebrate something new and fun in March?! The Jewish holiday of Purim is coming up and there are plenty of activities to try! This is a holiday where you can dress up, make yummy treats, and give to others. Though it is a celebration of being Jewish, we want to share the joy with all!

The story of Purim is told in the Bible’s book of Esther. Esther helped defend the Jews to her king against Haman, who was plotting to kill them. Even though Haman was looking kill the Jews, Jewish people prevailed and that is why we celebrate.

This is a joyous holiday and is often referred to as the Jewish Halloween. It is a time to let loose and rejoice! As a Jewish mom of two, I love finding ways to celebrate life and introduce more stories into my children’s lives.

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Fun Purim Activities

  1. Make hamantaschen (hah-muhn-tah-shuhn). These are triangle-shaped cookies with filling, said to look like Haman’s hat. There are several good recipes, including these chocolate-filled ones.
  2. Dress up or wear a mask. We wear masks to talk about how there any many layers to people. It’s also a reference to the story of Esther — at first she didn’t reveal she was Jewish to the king. Here are some great mask templates or you can draw your own! 
  3. Make your own groggers and crowns. Queen Esther had a crown, and you can make one, too! Here is a crown template to print, or you can draw one of your own and decorate it.
    When the story of Purim is read from the Megillah, the story of Esther, we make noise with groggers (noise makers) and yell “boo!” whenever Haman is talked about. Instead of a traditional grogger, you can make a really easy one at home. Fold a paper plate in half, put dried beans on one side, and staple the two halve together. Decorate the outside for extra fun. Then, shake! 
  4. Deliver treats to neighbors or friends. After you make the hamantaschen cookies, why not deliver them and share them around? The day is a celebration of being Jewish, and we want to share the joy! 
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  5. Attend a local Purim party or create one of your own. Have a feast at home and invite some friends. Consider a Purim book party with a few Purim books. You can learn and discuss the holiday, while having fun with friends.

Hamantaschen and Purim decorations

More Purim Resources

Parents can have fun listening to Mayim Bialik explain this special holiday. But for a more kid-appropriate telling of the story, PJ Library has a great audio for you and your family to listen to. 

Here are a few additional resources to help celebrate:

Though a Jewish holiday, Purim is a great reason to have fun and understand the Jewish culture. Let loose and make some noise!


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