Dads, You Have Our Hearts!

Father’s Day is a big deal to some and not to others. Some eat pancakes and go to church, while others get gifts or cards. We all celebrate dads and grandpas in our own way, and that’s a beautiful thing. 

Celebrate dads and grandpas this Father's Day.A Personal Note

Sometimes it’s during a season of illness that you discover how great your people are. That has been the case for me during this season.

My heart is overwhelmed with gratitude for the efforts my husband puts forth every single day. We absolutely have our ups and downs, but he’s a hero in my eyes and will forever be. Seeing him become a dad meant falling in love with him all over again. My children and I are so blessed by his loving care.

My own daddy is someone I’ve always depended on in a practical sense. He’s always there for me, checking in on me, and when he became “Grandpa,” I couldn’t believe the incredibly sweet transformation. He loves my kids so much, and that is one way he also loves me.

To Dads Everywhere — Thank You

I don’t know each of you personally, but I do know that you give your families many of these:

  • a profound sense of protection
  • a safe place to land
  • a pep talk or two
  • emotional tenderness and care
  • food, water, and shelter
  • forgiveness
  • positivity
  • that magical fix-it ability
  • kind eyes
  • some classic dad humor
  • creative, outside-of-the-box thinking
  • frank honesty that we NEED to hear
  • interesting conversations and fun activities
  • logic and reasoning
  • a pat on the back
  • friendship and companionship
  • a happy little home/community
  • encouragement
  • passion
  • a sense of our own selves
  • an ability to recognize our strengths
  • faith
  • laughter
  • problem solving skills
  • a strong sense of right and wrong
  • home improvement
  • music
  • a hand to hold
  • an eye for seeing hope when we feel hopeless
  • unconditional love

The list could just keep going on and on. Dads, we thank each and every one of you. You are uniquely crafted to be JUST the daddy that your crew needs.

Amber has been married to her college sweetheart from Texas A&M, Kyle, for 11 years. They encountered the difficulty of infertility, and it became the biggest blessing of their lives when it pushed them to pursue adoption. Both of their kids (Willow and Jonas) were born in China and adopted as toddlers; attachment has been a beautiful and unique story with each of them. Amber used to teach and then followed her passion to help children as a school counselor before becoming a mom. Although Amber stays at home with her children now, one day a week she gets to practice play therapy as a licensed professional counselor at Family Connections Counseling in Colleyville. Faith, family, and friends are especially important to Amber. On a day off, you can find her playing games, laughing, reading, talking, sleeping, watching a movie, or enjoying family time outside.


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