Family Traditions for the Fall


Fall is here, y’all!

Insert joyous exclamation here!  Who else is ready for a little relief from the heat? Hopefully, fall will stick around longer than a couple weeks this year, so we can all enjoy some of our favorite fall festivities.

fall decor and woodland critters

Every year when the weather starts to cool down, I drag out my tub of fall decor; and when I say, “I drag out,” I mean my husband digs through the cavernous guestroom closet for my precious tub. I toss some pumpkins on tables, light some delicious candles, and start making plans for the holidays. I am determined to make the holidays warm and meaningful for my little family.

This year I plan to start some traditions with my family — things we can do every year to look back on in years to come.

My Fall Family Traditions

Fall family photo session. Whether we decide to hire a pro or set up our own camera on a tripod for some candid shots, we will take fall pictures. Every year. We all know that toddlers are not 100 percent cooperative during photo shoots, so I’m sure we will have fun! The bloopers are the best, anyway. If you are on the hunt for a local photographer, check out the brand new FWMB “Guide to Fort Worth Area Photographers!”

Decorate the house, inside and out. Nothing gets you in the fall spirit like hanging wreaths and scattering woodland creatures and leaf-shaped dishes on every flat surface. My daughter loves digging through my tubs of decor, so decorating is a family event in this house! And, you better believe this crafting mama will partake in some fall-inspired crafts with the kiddo.

apples for homemade ciderMake homemade apple cider and roast marshmallows. I have always bought apple cider from the store. Not this year. This gal is going to mull her very own vat of homemade cider, complete with cinnamon sticks, hand-peeled apples, and whatever else goes in cider. While we’re at it, we’re going to make a fire and roast some marshmallows. S’mores anyone? Yes, please!

Go to a pumpkin patch and as many festivals as possible. During our first year in Texas, we checked out the pumpkin patch and took the obligatory pictures of my daughter teetering dangerous on a giant pile of pumpkins. She rode a mini horse and loved it. So we shall fill our calendar with as many fall festivals and pumpkin patch shenanigans as possible. And don’t forget the Texas State Fair is in town from September 30 – October 23. 

Go trick-or-treating. Who says you can’t play dress-up as an adult? Forget what you have been told. Halloween is not just for kids. My daughter has finally decided, after flip-flopping a million times, to be Rapunzel this year. But she won’t be the only one wearing a costume. I cannot wait hit the streets along with her! I just need to figure out a cool mom costume now. 

Fall family camping trip. The weather is just perfect for a camping trip with the family, and my husband is itching to set out into the woods and rough it with the critters and bugs (oh joy). Now, I don’t mind camping, as long as I have an air mattress and running water (and I’m not talking about a creek, folks). But for the sake of creating wonderful childhood memories with my daughter, I guess I can suck it up for a couple days!

I would love to know what special traditions you have with your family during the fall season. Join us in celebrating fall, and share your favorite activities and family traditions in the comments. Happy fall, y’all!


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