Halloween Is the Best Holiday

Halloween is our family’s favorite holiday. We are downright scary about it. As soon as there is a hint of fall in the air, we bring out our decorations, costumes, and go buy loads of pumpkins.

Roaming through stores and neighborhoods to check out Halloween decor is a weekend treat, as well as hitting up as many fall festivals as we can handle.

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There really is no comparison to the spookiest time of the year, and here are 10 reasons why:

1. Kids Run the Neighborhood

Neighborhoods yield to the wills of its tiny residences! All the porch lights are on, cars (if any) slow to crawl due to streets filled with children, and parents chat unashamed as they walk, led by their sugar-crazed kiddos. It’s refreshing to see our normally quiet streets filled with families and happy children running and playing freely.

Halloween is a favorite time of year for many families.

2. You Get to Meet Your Neighbor

Sometimes you can live for five years on the same street and still don’t know who lives two houses down. Halloween is a great opportunity to say hello and introduce your family without any expectations or requirements.

3. Dressing Up Is a Blast

Costumes, whether you make them, buy them, or throw them together last minute, they are undeniably fun. Aside from getting to dress up yourself, you also get the joy of seeing so many cute costumes parade down your street. It is hard to be grumpy or not smile at a dressed up baby or pet.

4. Mom and Dad Get to Shamelessly Join In

This means dressing up in coordinating costumes or even as our own superhero or favorite characters and no one thinks any less of us! I will fully admit that my husband walked around the neighborhood in a full body spandex suit to be Night Ninja to our three-year-old’s Owlette costume. On Halloween we all get a free pass to relax and join our children’s world.

5. Rules Are Relaxed

On Halloween, it’s okay to stay up late eating candy and watching Halloween specials on a school night. Teachers and coaches know kids are excited, and no one should fault them for that. It is also safe to say that every kid gets a free pass the next day at school. They know they were living it up Halloween night, being kids and having fun.

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6. There’s Less Stress to Hang With Extended Family

Halloween is usually stuck in the middle of the week, on a school night, so we’re more likely to do our own thing as a family. This can be refreshing; there’s no big extended family obligations and no worrying about big holiday dinners or expectations. It’s just your kiddos getting together to act silly and spooky on your own terms.

7. Halloween Has the Coolest Traditions

The most unique traditions are made at Halloween — for better or worse. I remember my mom always bought candy corn and put it in a pumpkin bowl. No one liked it. It went in the trash or we glued them to paper for Halloween crafts. Still, I buy a bag of candy corn every year and my children hate it. I have a friend that makes candy apples and another that fills gloves with popcorn to make witches hands. They both do it because they did it when they were children. 

8. Decorations Are the Best

When it comes to decorations, the more gaudy the better. Halloween decor brings such excitement to children. And no matter if it is silly, scary, or cartoon inflatables, children love them all. No one can get too upset at a yard full of silly characters or plastic skeletons with spiders if they make children squeal with excitement.

9. Pumpkins Rule

Bright, simple, sweet . . . Pumpkins are the ultimate symbol that fall has arrived. The excitement is palpable as soon as that bright orange squash comes into our home. Everyone gathers around and laughs as they create (sometimes not so well) their own creature or wicked face.

10. No Presents are Required

Probably the best part of Halloween is there are no presents. If you are like this mama, fall means you probably have cleaned out your playroom a bit in expectation of the Christmas haul. Halloween means snacks, candy, stickers, and maybe a craft or two — but no need for big gifts or toys! 

Valerie was raised in a small town in south Texas and met her husband in Aggieland. They moved to Fort Worth in 2007 and are now happily raising three wild-hearted children. She is a part-time homeschooling mama and spends most days in parks, libraries, or a grocery store. She loves coffee, music, road-trips, any new health fad, and well-written children's books. Valerie is also a portrait photographer and has photographed the journey of motherhood from pregnancy and birth to breastfeeding and beyond for DFW families for more than 10 years.


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