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Don't forget to give you child's teacher a gift this Christmas.

Most of us have a long list of people to buy gifts for: spouses, kids, parents, siblings, nieces, nephews, BFFs, and on and on. Somewhere on that list, your child’s teacher most likely makes an appearance. But really, what do you get the person who watches over your angel for the majority of every weekday?

If you’re out of creative ideas but really want to get something special to account for that time your child didn’t make it to the bathroom on time and you forgot to put an extra change of clothes in his or her bag, then look no further. This mother-teacher combo crowd-sourced and put together five favorites from veteran teachers. 

Personalized Items

Hop onto Etsy or support a local vendor and get thank you notes, note pads, stamps, and other personalized gifts for the teacher. Practicality is always appreciated in a school setting, and this adds a unique twist onto functional items. 

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Creature Comforts

If you have children (and even if you don’t), you know that spending all day around kids can sometimes be more than a little stressful. Gift your teacher small ways to relax or practice some self-care with items like fuzzy socks, a hot/cold pack, or fun hand cream. A zen garden, minute meditations, or adult coloring books are also great ways to help bring a quick refresh to a tired teacher.

Show appreciation for your teacher this Christmas.Lunch

Words cannot express how much someone bringing me lunch makes my day. This is the perfect gift for any time of the year and can be ordered via delivery (UberEats, Jason’s Deli, etc.) or made at home and sent in. If you’re afraid you won’t get the order right, just send the teacher an email that says, “Happy Holidays! I am ordering lunch for you today from Chipotle. What would you like?” — or something of the sort. Chances are high the response will be effusive thank yous and a large smile on the teacher’s face all day long. 

Creative Gift Cards

We all know the standards of Starbucks and Target, and those are pretty much fail-proof, but I would also suggest you look into places like bookstores (or book websites like or Many teachers funnel much of their own money back into the classroom and any chance we have to add resources for our students that don’t come out of our own pockets is really special. 

Hobby Gifts

Chances are high that your children know about their teachers’ likes and dislikes. If they claim ignorance, dive into your own knowledge by considering:

  • How the classroom is decorated (Harry Potter themed? Superhero? Sports?)
  • A teacher’s sense of style (Do they always wear a scarf? A bowtie? Fun necklace?)
  • Information sheets. Ask your school office if they have teacher information sheets on file. Many of them will and you’ll find a list of favorites ready to go. 

Gift cards make great gifts for teachers during the holidays.No matter what gift (if any) you purchase, the final (or only) element of a bulls-eye gift is a heartfelt handwritten note. The notes from students and parents really warm a teacher’s heart and help remind us that we are making a difference. A simple card will tell a teacher, “I see you. I appreciate you,” in a way that no monetary present can.  

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I’m a little biased as an ELA teacher because words are part of my love language, but I can tell you that I have saved every little note a student or parent has given me, and many of them are on a bulletin board in my classroom. I read them on days when I need a little pick-me-up. They never fail to renew my energy and dedication to my job. Truly, it’s a gift that keeps on giving long after the holiday season. 

What’s your favorite gift to give a teacher?

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