Walk in Jesus’ Shoes: The Passover Experience {Sponsored}

Disclaimer :: Tammy Lane Productions sponsored this post detailing all the fun and inspiration to be found in this interactive performance — The Passover Experience.

passover experienceMark your calendars for the annual Easter time production of The Passover Experience, held at Capernaum 1st Century Village near Weatherford, Texas. The 2016 Passover Experience will be held on Saturday, March 19; Friday, March 25; and Saturday, March 26 from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

You will not find any eggs or a bunny here, however you will find a living history experience as your tour group walks through a first century style village. As your group winds in and out of these stone dwellings, you will find the people in the village celebrating the Passover feast, in remembrance of how God brought the Israelite people out of bondage in Egypt hundreds of years before.

Unlike a staged performance in which the action is on the stage and the audience is seated, you will be stepping right into the scenes to be a “fly on the wall.” The most noticeable among the villagers and Roman soldiers in attendance are Jesus and His disciples, as they arrive into the little town of Jerusalem to celebrate the feast as the Last Supper. Your tour group will gather around with the people to watch how Jesus interacts with the crowd. Plus, the Upper Room scene is not to be missed!

In addition to Jerusalem Village, other attractions of The Passover Experience include The Path of Plagues, The Majestic Statue Garden, and The Seder Experience.

men and women around tableThe Path of Plagues is a walk-through tour covering aspects of the original Passover, as depicted in the book of Exodus. Your group, lead by tour guides, will find yourselves experiencing some of the 10 plagues that God inflicted upon the people of Egypt so that the Pharaoh would let the people of Israel out of the bondage of slavery. Guests beware, you will experience first-hand a realistic taste of some of the plagues as you venture down the Path of Plagues. You’ll make your way to the land of Goshen, where the people of Israel are kept safe when the tenth plague, the death of the firstborn son, sweeps over the land! Some of the special effects may be startling or a little frightening for small children.

The Majestic Statue Garden is a 30,000 square foot garden beautifully planned and landscaped around 13 biblical statues throughout. Also featured are biblical scriptures and structures that give you a “walk through the Bible” in a sense. Situated on a hilltop, this unique garden offers peaceful and tranquil spots for quiet reflection as well as breathtaking views of Parker County.

As you complete your garden tour, enter the pavilion to learn of Capernaum’s sister ministry Mission Reality. This ministry started as a reality television show, and quickly grew into much more! You’ll experience a little glimpse of what life can be like for many people in India as well as learn of some of the exciting ministry programs going on behind the scenes of the Mission Reality show.

The Seder Experience is a must do while you are at the Passover Experience! This presentation is an insight into a Christian Passover meal celebration, with food samples and explanation of the meal’s significance. This educational and delightful experience is located across the road from Capernaum, in the Bobby Cox Ranch Show Pavilion. Tickets are sold separately. Presentation times start at 10:30 a.m. and run every two hours. The last one begins at 4:30 p.m. To make the most of your time, we recommend driving to the pavilion to attend the Seder Experience before or after completing the other attractions of The Passover Experience.

All this and more will make a great day spent outdoors with your family or groups. Plan to spend around three to four hours or so to experience everything. Casual walking shoes are recommended. The marketplace at Capernaum will have food booths for a variety of food and drink purchases including burgers, burritos, nachos, and sandwiches.

white, logo, passover, experienceCapernaum First Century Village, located near Peaster, Texas at 10700 FM 920 Weatherford, Texas 76088 is a venue that offers film sets, events, retreats, and tours.

Check out the event website for tickets and more information about the event, and follow them on Facebook.


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