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Everyone knows that there’s nothing like Grandma’s cooking. Especially for those raised in Texas, the line “pass the butter please” has been uttered at many a table. Due to being raised by two successful, career oriented parents, our daily routine at home was characterized by a rotation of 5-8 basic recipes that put food in your belly but didn’t necessarily have you running back to the kitchen for seconds (sorry mom and dad). But going to Grandma’s house was another story.

My brother and I were fortunate enough to live in the same town as my paternal grandparents. As a child I know I didn’t appreciate it as I should have, but having lost my grandmother (and therefore last surviving grandparent) and becoming a mother myself all this year, I realize how blessed we were to have them around for most holidays, birthdays and special events. The micro-manager in me is already trying to coordinate all our family for the holidays to give our daughter the same experiences with her extended family.

Grandma Jewish Coffee CakeIt is no secret that I have a sweet tooth. Cakes, cookies, ice cream – I’ll take it all. And there is no match for Grandma Betsy’s Jewish Coffee Cake. After a few years it became very clear that this recipe would be my birthday request (although with a warm, cinnamon treat like this, it is probably more appropriate to be consumed during the cold winter months, not July). So naturally when we started this series, I knew this was the recipe I had to share. I unfortunately did not have a copy of this recipe, so when I asked my father if he had it somewhere, I was flooded with a deep sense of nostalgia when he sent over this copy of the recipe in my grandmother’s handwriting. Though our little one is too young to enjoy Grandma’s coffee cake this year, the chill in the air has me eager to make this recipe and sit by the fire with a cup of coffee, enjoying time with our family.


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Carly is a stay at home mom to her daughter, Piper, and wife to a Fort Worth native, Mason. She loves making lists, long runs, warm coffee cuddled up on the couch, and a nice afternoon sitting on the patio chatting with friends.



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