Favorite Paper Planners, Digital Planners, and Planner Accessories!


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Planners make moms lives easier.

A new year is coming, which means it’s time for a new planner! YAYAYAY! Is there anything better than opening up a new planner full of opportunities and fresh starts?! Below is a list of some of our favorite paper planners, digital planners, and planner accessories. 

Paper Planners 

Blue Sky Weekly View Planner ($7.99 for the small version or $9.99 for the large version) :: For the mom who loves to plan out and see all the things happening in her week. This planner is easy and practical for those who love weekly planner views. 

Bullet Journal ($10 +):: For the mom who loves planning, lists, and just wants all the things (literally!) in one handwritten space. You don’t have to be a doodling whiz or art master to bullet journal. You can customize it to fit your style and to meet any and all of your needs. This is a great book that explains the ins and outs of bullet journaling! Cost varies depending on type of notebook, pen, and any other additional items you choose to use.  

Day Designer Daily View Planner ($64.99) :: For the mom who loves to set and crush goals and who also needs to plan out all the details of her day from top priorities to specific appointment times to keep track of to-dos and more. This planner helps to organize an entire day on a single sheet of paper. If you love planning out your entire day but don’t need additional help from your planner with setting goals, check out the Day Designer for Blue Sky ($26.24) too!

Erin Condren Monthly Deluxe Planner ($40 +) :: For the mom who doesn’t really use the daily or weekly parts of a paper planner, but really loves the monthly view and needs extra space to jot down notes. 

Happy Planner Focused Planners ($27.99 +) :: For the mom who enjoys extra creativity and a specific focus (fitness, health, meal planning, finance, etc.) in her planner. The Happy Planner offers many different planner options with different focuses to meet any mama’s need!

Page Eleven Daily Notepad ($20) :: For the mom who doesn’t want to commit to a full planner, but also wants the option to plan out her day when needed. This daily notepad is wonderful to use in addition to a monthly or weekly paper planner, with a digital planning tool, or all on its own! It’s flexible and can help on those days when you just need to get all the things down on paper. 

Digital Planning Tools

Cozi Family Organizer (free or $29.99 per year for gold features):: For the mom who wants a single space to keep track of the family calendar, grocery list, meal planning, to-do lists, and contacts. Cozi works best through the app, but is also visible through desktop.  

Google Calendar (all free!) :: For the mom who loves a digital monthly view, weekly, or daily view! It’s also super easy to share calendars with family and friends. Works great on desktop, phone, and tablet. 

Rockbook Panda Planner ($35 + free prime shipping via Amazon) :: For the mom who really prefers digital, but also likes to hand write to really make things stick in the ol’ noggin. This is kind of paper, but also digital. It’s like the best of both worlds. It’s small and travels well, has daily planner pages, a monthly planner page, but also reusable as the pages can be saved digitally through an app. 

TeuxDeux (30-free trial, $3 per month after) :: For the mom who wants a weekly view, but also loves lists to keep track of anything and everything. Works great on desktop, phone, and tablet. 

ToDoist (free or $36 per year for premium features) :: For the mom who loves to keep track of a to-do list from their phone! This app is wonderful on both desktop and mobile, but I especially love how easy it is from mobile. Works great on desktop, phone, and tablet.

Favorite Paper Planner Accessories 

Cloth and Paper ($2.50 +) :: For the mom who loves a beautiful minimalist style stickers and sticky notes! They also have gorgeous refillable leather agendas, unique pens and pencils, and a monthly subscription box available. 

Cultivate What Matters Goal Planner ($60) :: For the mom who needs support and encouragement to walk through setting and meeting goals. This serves as a tool to use in addition to a full paper and/or digital planner. 

YayDay Paper (planner bundles start at $9.99) :: For the mom who wants to add pops of color and seasonal fun to her planner! 

Happy planning, friends!


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