Five Features Every Family Home and Neighborhood Needs

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On paper, families usually know what they want in a house: A certain number of square footage, bedrooms, and bathrooms. A garage. Maybe a pool (We can wish, right?). 

But the things that really matter in a house and neighborhood are outside the drywall. When Fort Worth Moms learned about Karis, a master-plan community in Crowley, the developer shared some insightful tips on what makes its neighborhood ideal for families. We expected to hear things like “large laundry room, beautiful kitchen island, and farmhouse feel,” but instead, they pointed out features that were beyond aesthetics. Karis emphasized features that benefit ALL families. 

We had to share what they said matters most when selecting a new home and community. Here are the top five things Karis says every home and neighborhood needs.

1. A Home that Fits Your Needs and Lifestyle

Love an old home with tons of quirk and character? Or do you prefer a new-build home that is turnkey and ready to be lived in? The pros and cons of each choice are endless, especially when you factor in that it is where you’ll be raising a family. 

As a mom, you know the needs of your family and how they may be different than other families. But do know what questions to ask when looking for a new home to ensure you’re picking the best fit for your family? 

Karis poses these questions to homebuyers to help them find the answer: 

  • What kind of homeowner are you? Do you like to take on projects within a house, or are you a turnkey family who needs a home that is move-in ready?
  • What are your must-have features in a home? Do you have to have three bedrooms? A mudroom? A front yard? 
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  • What is your budget? As with most things in life, it boils down to budget. What’s your budget and how flexible are you? What are you willing to let go of to stay within budget? 

2. A Convenient Location 

One thing parents can agree on is that where you plant roots needs to work within your family’s lifestyle. If your children are involved in several extracurricular activities, you need to have a home that is closer to town to save on gas, mileage, and time. If, however, you have several pets — maybe even livestock (hello, Texas!) — then a home on acreage is better suited. 

The reality is most new-construction homes are built in the suburbs — frankly, the city doesn’t have enough room to house new communities. 

So, if you’re a downtown-type of mama (and family), you’ll probably have more luck finding an older home that needs updates and renovations. However, if you’re okay living a few minutes from the city, you’ll have more new-build options where there is more land for master-planned communities.

Karis‘ master-planned community is a mix of city and country living. Karis is minutes from downtown Crowley, not much farther to Burleson, and a short drive to Fort Worth. 

3. A Sense of Community

What’s better than living in the home of your dreams? Living in that home surrounded by wonderful neighbors. We all know it takes a village, which is why looking beyond your home’s internal features is so important. 

Home buyers often think of location, location, location, but sometimes that is in terms of resale values, schools, and convenience. Location also means to consider your neighbors. Looking for families with kids on the street? Looking for a community of established residents? Are there rentals or VRBO-type properties? What kind of community already exists — and is it one you want to join?

A child rides a balance bike in Karis master-plan community.Karis’ master-planned community offers just that to families — a close-knit neighborhood that fosters belonging, safety, and convenience. Karis features several living options (from townhomes to singe-family dwellings), as well as on-site schools, trails, shopping, and entertainment options. Its sustainable community is focused on connecting residents with each other and nature.

4. Energy-, Money-, and Time-Saving Features

Ensuring your home has energy-friendly amenities — such as energy-star certified dishwashers, refrigerators, and air conditioners — is a decision that will pay twofold. Not only are you helping sustain the neighborhood, but also your pocketbook will thank you! 

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Typically, new-construction homes, like Karis, are more costly up front for a variety of reasons. First, the home has new, energy-efficient appliances and technology with up-to-date warranties. It also designed with things like Internet, security, and television wiring in mind. So while the cost is more, you’re home is ready to seamlessly integrate your lifestyle. 

Older homes tend to have a lower price tag, which is nice to the pocketbook. However, to retrofit things like Internet, update plumbing, add a new roof — you’ll be spending more over the lifetime of the house to bring it up to date. 

Ask yourself: Do you want to spend more now and be set to go? Or spend less today and have several expense in years to come? There’s no wrong answer! 

5. A Spot to Make Memories

Every home needs a special place for families to come together. For some, maybe there is a quiet room in the house dedicated to reading or board games. For others, it’s the kitchen table where families gather over home-cooked meals.

Karis believes in “front-yard living.” The front yard is a welcoming space for families to have fun, casually chat with neighbors, and foster relationships. 

Pick a home that has a unique place that speaks to you and your family. Those places will recharge you, inspire you, and be the place you’ll look back on with fondness.

A boy puts his arms around his grandpa and dad as they eat food.Karis logoKaris is a 565-acre new-home community nestled in Crowley, Texas, south of downtown Fort Worth, with small town charm and easy access to employment, restaurants, entertainment, and retail. Developed by the award-winning developer The Nehemiah Company, Karis residents will enjoy a home where life’s pace is a little slower, roots run a little deeper and wings stretch a little wider.

The community will feature 2,025 homesites from DFW-area award-winning builders, Cadence Homes, Chesmar Homes, David Weekley Homes, Highland Homes, and Village Homes, building beautiful homes for Karis. Homes here put residents only minutes away from Karis’ open spaces, parks, and trail system with over three miles of sidewalks and nature trails.

In the Karis community, neighbors have a chance to form friendships while strolling through the neighborhood, having impromptu dinners, walking along winding trails, or connecting with the beauty and creativity of nature.

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