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Because the Fort Worth Moms is nearly 50 ladies strong, you can bet we have lots of recipes and meal planning ideas to pass around. From Instant Pot successes to tailgate options and quick breakfast choices to the beauties of meal prepping, we cover the gamut when it comes to making your “feed-all-the-people-in-your-family-multiple-times-a-day” easier.

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In this blog post, we listed of our 12 favorite, favorite cookie recipes (because 12 is a dozen, and that’s how we like our cookies, friends). Here’s to hoping you see an old faithful here and find a new sweet something to add to your repertoire. So go ahead, whip out the baking sheets and surprise those kiddos with tasty treats. (Don’t forget to hide a few cookies for yourself. You know, for later.)

In no particular order, other than following the path our tastebuds led us . . .

FWM Favorite Cookie Recipes

1. Let’s start with a classic: the original NESTLE TOLL HOUSE chocolate chip cookie recipe. Is it wrong that we started right out of the gate with the most scrumptious and the most famous chocolate chip cookie? Y’all, it’s famous for a reason: It’s easy, delicious, and a crowd pleaser. 

2. If easy baking is your jam, then you will embrace the simplicity of goopie gourmets. These include cereal, so CLEARLY you can serve these for breakfast. This choice is also a great option for the peanut butter fans.

3. Pumpkin became popular a few years ago when the PSL hit the scene. You can have your pumpkin fix now any time you want thanks to these dee-lish pumpkin snickerdoodles. These require a bit more time to make thanks to the chilling process, but the end product is worth the wait.

4. Please allow us to introduce beer and bacon cookies. Uh, I don’t know what else you want to know. Beer. Bacon. Cookie. Are you looking for an angel — because we must be in heaven?

5. No cookie list is complete without a lovely oatmeal option. The oatmeal s’more cookie takes it up a notch. The added marshmellow and touch of chocolate means you won’t be able to stop eating these goodies.

chocolate chip cookies on marble6. We are taking a small diversion here and stretching our definition of cookie to include our very favorite bar: the triple layer bar. These beauties come complete with chocolate, graham crackers, pudding, and other baking staples. Trust us; they are legit amazing.

7. Because we want to add a hint of nutrition, we must share these fruit-filled treats. The fresh apricot and white chocolate cookie is slap-yo-mama yummy. In fact, you might want to consider saving them all for mama, i. e. you. We also heard through the grapevine that these cookies work great with dried apricot too.

8. Mmmm . . . M&M’s are a family favorite (used by moms for potty training all over the world, wink wink). And when that Halloween or Valentine’s . . . or Easter . . . or July 4th parade (you get the idea) means you have extra candy-coated chocolates around your house, then it is time to make the BEST M&M cookie recipe. You’re welcome.

9. If you’re hoping for a vegan option, you’re in luck: We have two. This vegan chocolate chip cookie recipe only has nine ingredients — none of which are replacement ingredients. 

10. Up next is our second vegan treat: raw almond butter cups. It’s like a bar meets a cookie, and we end up with the mouth-watering snack (or breakfast, no judging).

11. Kids of all ages can get in on the prep work for these no bake oatmeal chocolate cookies. You never even have to turn on the oven! We may or may not have the ability to eat these by the fistful.

12. The basic sugar cookie is the blank canvas for all holidays and celebrations. It’s also fun for littles and bigs alike to decorate and pleases most palates.

If you have other cookie favorites, please comment and share the recipe below!


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